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Submitted by -John- on 22.08.2007
AuthorMNI John
DescriptionAnkalor is at its beta release, if you think it is ready to be played I'll submit the map again without the beta tag.

map description :

- this map is an asymetric map.
- 6 stone mines, 1/base, 2/forward, 2 ungarable (bonus stone mines if needed)
- Beast base has 2 entrances, 3 exits
- human base has 1 entrance, 2 exits
- 2 oschore/mudent pit

minimap description:

- letters A to G will help the coms and teams to point to a strategic zone faster like "go C"
- the 2 forward stone mines are located on both top corners


--> beast com will have to choose between rushing human the faster he can before human com gets defenses up, including shield. Or to gate, many spots for gate are available.
--> beast com will be able to protect tech and keep it hard for human to destroy it, but it will keep the lair defenseless (human attack strategy "Lair only").
--> basicaly beast take their second mine (A), then sub the oschore pit (B), then rush humans.

--> human com can secure easely his second mine and can count on the bonus one to help
--> human com first goal will be to set up shield quickly (a pretty good shield can be builded)and to take control of the oschore pit (B)to keep beast as far as possible, or the mudent pit (D) to perform a rush gar.

note: concerning the bonus stone mines, players will have the hardest time to mine as they are accessible from the ground and exposed to both range and melee weapons if there are oponent campers at bonus stone mines. Of course I made it for reloc mining for humies, and beast just have to go straight to their second mine sub after mining the bonus stone

in anycase beast and human will need to keep part of team at base to constently defend, while the other part attack. Many stategies can be set up of course depending of the coms and the teams skills.

I hope this map will give a lot of pressure and fun to both team and a good time for coms
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
Download LinksMap File
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Map Statistics
R. Mines6
G. Mines0

Rating: 3.75 stars (4 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
26.08.2007, 12:54
Maybe a bit hilly, but a great map otherwise :)
27.08.2007, 19:26
less hills will give this map a human friendly side, I tried to balance it so each tea
27.08.2007, 19:30
less hills will give this map a human friendly side because of balli and catas, I tried to balance it so each team can build a rush gar/sub hidden.

do you want me to submit it without the beta tag ?

and thx for the comment :)
09.10.2007, 11:50
your decision ;-)

*reading the comments again after many months*
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays48
Game draws9
Human wins20
Beast wins19
Avg. minutes21

In-Game Reviews
16.12.2015, 05:27
I was the only one! :D
17.09.2014, 01:11

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