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September 26, 2014, 09:32:07 pm by Daemon

In order to improve security to the authentication protocols, we had to temporarily shut down access to the Auth sever. Will put it back on as soon as possible. Thank you.

Please read the NEWS UPDATE here.

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Savage XR 1.1
September 04, 2014, 11:34:27 pm by Daemon

SAVAGE XR 1.1 Patch

Just in time for Savage's 11th anniversary, the Savage XR 1.1 patch is released! Its main features:

  • A new way to handle Officer status related events.
  • Bug fixes and new cheat prevention mechanisms.
  • The gameplay changes that the community devised.

For a detailed changelog and comments, please go HERE.

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Savage XR Video: Legacy
June 27, 2014, 03:06:08 pm by H3027

Tirza is excited to release her first video that isn't primarily about promoting Savage XR and its events, but about pure fragging fun! This special project features Legacy's gameplay highlights from the past couple of years.

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Savage XR Video: Reckless (by eXZeth)
January 15, 2014, 08:14:02 pm by H3027

eXZeth has created a new 1080p Savage XR frag movie featuring his Savage XR gameplay highlights from 2013.

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Savage's 10th Anniversary
September 09, 2013, 11:49:48 pm by Daemon

Happy Birthday, Savage!

10 years ago today, a game like no other took its first step into a world that literally was not ready for it. An unexpected melange of genres, Savage is the living proof that innovation is still possible as far as video games go. Its sky high skill ceiling, its strongest asset, also was its greatest enemy. It is both addictive and frustrating, quickly separating the weed from the chaff, leaving only the best to try and tame the game. Does the player master the game, or does the game master the player? This is a question that took 10 years to answer: generation after generation of players, server owners and developers alike, we are all Savage's puppets. And I'm afraid it's true.

The game outlived huge commercial titles because of the dedicated community it attracted like Jupiter did with the stones and pebbles forming its rings. We, this eclectic group of people that got hooked on Savage, when its very creators went looking for greener pastures, fueled by our passion for the game, amazingly, we used stones, we used branches and kept building it, kept adding to it, kept it alive.

New Savage XR Trailer and Website

Today we are proud to release the Savage XR Gameplay Trailer and a brand new Savage XR website, two excellent tools to advertise our beloved game and bring new blood to the servers.

Savage XR Tutorial Section finished

Listen, Watch, Practice. That's the device of our finished Savage XR tutorial section! We added a duel practice mode with 5 different difficulty levels against our vastly improved A.I. bots that fight like real players. And there's a new skirmish practice mode, which simulates a real match against bots where you can test all units, weapons and the commanding mode. The canadian voice talent Adam Behr will lead you through the bug fixed, improved Human Tutorial, followed by the new Beast Tutorial with the voice of Lea Gulino. You can also watch 3 demos by our community members Shagroth and Nanaa.

What's next?

Following the release of Savage XR, the crowning of 6 years of work by the Newerth team of voluntary developers and another few years behind the release of previous such mods as SEP, EX2, SFE, we decided that keeping it alive was not enough. As the story says, it is time to rebuild and restore what once was. With that in mind, the Newerth dev team began working anew, benefiting from the advancements in game design technologies, tools and assets availability, allowing small teams to create complex games in way that 10 years ago was simply not possible in similar circumstances. As such, Newerth is proud to announce the development of a brand new game, capitalizing on the unique FPS+RTS+TPS genre that Savage introduced, and meant to appeal to the masses that would not be swayed by a great, but still, 10 years old game.

What better way to honor the 10 years of Savage than by making sure its legacy is passed on to future generations of players with the introduction of SAVAGE LIVE:

Head on to this devblog post for the details.

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