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Submitted by Initial on 12.08.2007
DescriptionA totally new style for Eden2. The battlefeild is covered with snow and mist. Added a infirmy in the middle of the map. Placed towers where the bridge used to be. Fixed any exploits from the previous map. Added ts building and npc's. Have fun and enjoy.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived Fromeden2
Map Statusunder development - waiting for being fixed
Issues- all waterfalls are still enterable and some even leavable (you don't seem to know eden properly :-/)
- spires in mid don't do anything unless they are attacked (no must-fix)
- great parts of previously buildable area aren't buildable any more which disallows many of the usual sneak locations (no must-fix)
Download LinksWARNING! This map is still under development and is most likely not final. If a modified version of this map goes online, you might have to delete the map version you can download now.

Map File
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Map Statistics
R. Mines5
G. Mines2

12.08.2007, 07:49
Beast win.
12.08.2007, 07:50
On a related note, lets try not making MORE mods of Eden in the future! this goes for everyone who reads this :P
12.08.2007, 08:22
15.08.2007, 17:18
18.08.2007, 07:46
youll never stop it skope hopefully admins arnt stupid enough to put these variations in rotation
26.08.2007, 10:38
Copies/"Modifications" of maps have never been put into rotation yet :)
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It was never taken down, it's just hidden!
Posted by Groentjuh
So how long ago was the US leet taken down...?!
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