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Submitted by Time on 29.02.2020
DescriptionSet in the Slovenian Alps, this mountainous map offers both teams plenty of opportunity for unusual tactics.

Humans, defend your base from an endless Beast onslaught, always keep an eye for those pesky Summoners and don't rely too heavily upon the strength of a Grimm's Wall.

Beasts, don't forget to cover your back while pushing, be on the look out against enemy marksmen and don't forget to utilize the environment to your advantage....
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusunder development - waiting for the final check
Download LinksWARNING! This map is still under development and is most likely not final. If a modified version of this map goes online, you might have to delete the map version you can download now.

Map File
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Map Statistics
R. Mines5
G. Mines0

05.01.2020, 14:57
05.01.2019 - First release, overhead and occluders, the whole package. After some playtesting I will decide if I want to continue improving it.
12.01.2020, 10:15
12.01.2020 - Moved human side Grimms closer to base. Now both teams are able to jump into the middle and build there. Added environment sounds, still working on preventing building exploit Sub Lairs/Garrisons
14.01.2020, 14:18
Very nice work! Layout offers something different, overhead and occluders are perfect. Good job all around! Hopefully you'll continue to make some more maps if you have some free time )
02.02.2020, 11:01
Thanks for your lovely comment Necro, although I most likely won't make others, simply because it is a lot of hard work!

02.02.2020 - Added stairways on both the Beast Back Door and the Human 2nd Back Door. This should give both teams a better chance at retaliation if any of these get Subbed/Garred.
29.02.2020, 10:14
- Moved the NE RedStone Mine a little so that workers can no longer get stuck while mining.
- Human hill now fully buildable.

Seen some interesting tactics develop so far, will see how these new changes affect the game. Might have to consider making it just a bit easier for beasts end game push with some extra ladders.
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Recent Games
Server NameSpectators, TeamsTimeWinner
Coronavirus Server (NL)
27.03.2020, 22:08
4, 21, 21, 0, 073 minbeast
Coronavirus Server (NL)
26.03.2020, 23:15
5, 6, 6, 0, 013 minbeast
Coronavirus Server (NL)
26.03.2020, 21:18
11, 14, 15, 0, 09 minbeast
In-Game Statistics
Game plays68
Game draws6
Human wins37
Beast wins25
Avg. minutes27

In-Game Reviews
king soma wolf
24.03.2020, 15:47
beast map
16.03.2020, 21:47
insects sounds give headache
21.02.2020, 20:02
sry my fault
20.02.2020, 21:30
Sneak Gar from Human Side :)
17.02.2020, 21:52
This is a great map.

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