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Submitted by Tjens on 12.11.2018
EditorTjens / kLLik
DescriptionA remake or alternative version of izi adding more natural scenery and some other tweaks.

Changes from izi:

* Map slopes more, following terrain features
* Added an autominer in the middle to encourage even more mid centered action, removed one of the small mines at human base to balance stone
* The flag areas are more open
* Sig...
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived Fromizi
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
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Map Statistics
R. Mines2
G. Mines0

Rating: 4 stars (1 vote)[You have to log in to rate!]
05.09.2018, 09:05
Finally! as we play this map the most. There is exploitable walkable terrain at beasts base near Lair RS, can walk all over map from there. Also human usual build spot may be too hilly, will be hard to block way there now.
05.09.2018, 18:44
I noticed that little spot, and added a little rock to deter climbing (also added annoying insects sound for anyone still trying). I'll de-hill the human side a bit and make it more even!

In the meanwhile this update:

* tweaked some occulars and added some visual occulisation (trees and stuff)
* tweaked some hills and added some objects so you can't siege from the middle
* added scenery sounds
* added more and diversified color and ambience
* tweaked some terrain here and there
* added kill triggers on most mountains (so you can't behe-block your way onto the entire map
06.09.2018, 03:26
Alright update 1.2:

* Tweaked lots of terrain texture and height features
* Made sure you can't exploit that eazy, even when blocking behe's!
* Added signatures
* Added and removed some scenery items
11.09.2018, 00:16
* Tweaked some terrain, lighting, occulation
12.09.2018, 20:59
* Slight texture changes
* Added new music :)
23.09.2018, 11:59
* Removed the kill triggers to feature a more natural way to make exploiting less feasable. Instead I just added height to some places so you can't exploit to vital areas of the map but can still aimlessly move around :p
* Some color retouching
27.10.2018, 15:26
Can you rise this wall a bit? It gives straight line of shot for summs at usually placed shield there.
28.10.2018, 20:54
2.0 Human engineering:
* Tweaked terrain a lot, more natural slopes and height differences
* Added a bunch of scenery props and tweaked lots of terrain outside of the playing field for aesthetical reasons
* Added a ramp from the human base to their flag for faster re-capturing, this will hopefully give them a way out when boxed in
* Added more cover for shields
* Gave more room on the back of human base
* Added a little hidey place at beast flags for humans to sneak for beast flag
* Added a slope a slope from their mid bridge towards the beast flag, making it eazier to capture
* Made beast entry wider
[LINK] < update forum post
29.10.2018, 21:53
* Fixed exploit at human base
* Fixed visible area under stronghold
05.11.2018, 20:30
* Now I really really fixed exploit at human base
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays122
Game draws6
Human wins60
Beast wins56
Avg. minutes22

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26.01.2019, 18:15

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