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Submitted by kLLik on 24.05.2016
Description*minimap ;
*2 rs mine , 4 mini rs mine , 2 gold mine;
*2 mini sawmill;
*effects and triggers( heal , teleport );
*occluders added;
*world farclip correct;
*blockers for exploit added;

update :
* added tod ;
* reduced world farclip ;
* workers climb hills , impossible now;
* workers cant pass bridge , they lock in bridge( dont know why ) , so i added script to kill workers in bridge ;
* moved rs mine ( now you can place good garr/sub ;
* now just 4 monkits for each teams , and 4 mudents in middle of map ;
* no more flashing in map ;
* now is snowing all time , no just at began , if you dont like snow , open console " ~ " and write "snow" ;
* more light in map ;
* new teleports and human build ;
* bridge larged ;
* and new overhead in few hours....
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
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Map Statistics
R. Mines2
G. Mines2

Rating: 4.5 stars (2 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]

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19.01.2016, 15:38
Please add a second mine near the stronghold/lair, The beast use more and more often the rush method (they run more quickly). So they build a sub-lair TOO NEAR from the human stronghold, closing ALL THE MILLS for all the game.
Without mills and more stones, it is impossible for the human to buy the necessary weapons to play in balanced conditions.
19.01.2016, 19:00
if i remember phoe , last 2-3 games played , human won it ... so i think map is balanced ..
21.01.2016, 14:27
Each time I played this map (7 or 8 times I think) and the beasts rushed (to build one sublair near our mills) the humans lose
21.01.2016, 14:42
look under the stats about recent Games: Humans wins 0 :)
21.01.2016, 15:37
Omg phoe... There is no stats for map ( idk why ) no beast win , no human win , no draw..
If human have a good comm , he can put a good shield and cover all arena where is that mine .. If i add a second normal mine in base will be too much rs mine in map...
25.01.2016, 11:53
^080I see you understood ==> The key work is a good human commander . but where can we find it :) ?
Side human it is necessary to get a good commander.
but side Beast IT IS NOT NECESSARY. Do you see the problem ?

So I confirm WE NEED a better second mine for bad human commander. Give a better chance to the human Team, in spite they get a bad commander;
But Thanks remember I said it is a good map. We need to adjust better this map to our problems : No enough players, and worse : not enough good commander
25.01.2016, 17:12
They will lern in time how to command this map :) and then will be a perfect balanced ;)
25.01.2016, 17:14
In my opinion , is a human map :) , not a beast map like you say .. :)
27.01.2016, 07:15
Perhaps a new generation of good commanders is being born ... :
OK! I close the subject ... in spite I saw two times yesterday this type of attack and saw the same results : two defeats

I appreciate the quality of your work. Thanks you for that.
27.01.2016, 07:54
I'm glad you understood :D , your welcome :P

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