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Submitted by mutan on 28.07.2015
DescriptionWell done occludderrs.
Tested for exploits, some scum may find one.
Tested for bugs, bugs free(commentifyoufindany)
Tested for everything else, successful.

12:15 18.07.2015
-Remade T1 ladder blocker to be more player friendly, siege can't pass.
-Players could get stuck in ladder T2 side, fixed.
-Behes could pass T2 side blocker at mid, fixed.

21:35 28.07.2015
-Rised SH and blocked path to the nearby tower.

Have fun testing. (costed me couple of days :)...............
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
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Map Statistics
R. Mines6
G. Mines2

Rating: 1 stars (1 vote)[You have to log in to rate!]

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07.07.2015, 10:19
No time for savage :C
Sorry mate...
09.07.2015, 19:59
checked your map, review issues pls so we can put it online
09.07.2015, 23:49
The ladder got a blocker, that foot units can pass but sieges cannot go to buildings roofs, same is for beasts side. Letting balli pass there would lead to unfair advantage over sub/lair and letting summs there would lead to very easy shields. I'll try to find some replacement for that blocker as soon as i get some free time,thanks.
10.07.2015, 17:36
Fixed blocker at mine, completly redesigned this part. As for middle ledder, i will leave it as is or block it completly with alternative path to flag from top.

28.07.2015, 05:39
Soooo 18 days have elapsed and this map is still waiting in a Que? id say I can't wait to play this map, but the accuracy of that statement becomes all too real and depressing.
28.07.2015, 18:19
I checked the map!! It could use more hills becouse you can fall of the edges of the map!! also make stronghold not stuck in ground
and then make it a bit smaller!

looks good though! gl on getting it finalised!
28.07.2015, 19:13
But i've already fixed that coule of days ago :O Tere must have been problem while uploading, will check it soon.
28.07.2015, 19:40
I downloaded map from link above, replaced the one on my HDD, used 'devworld xr_sandstorm' command and it loads the fixed version (and check the description). As for more hills: There are xr_blockers covering whole map making the look of endless sands, there is no possibility to fall from the very map, from the edges in the middle you can fall, yes, watch your steps! :D As for SH, reference_objects cannot be resized, they're getting back to default size after load. Will rise SH and add something that noone can jump on it from nearby tower. Should be done soon.
28.07.2015, 20:36
And in case we have diferent

29.07.2015, 14:14
Ooh sorry Mutan, I meant making the map smaller! The map now is HUGE!

I made the same mistake with my own maps, for in the editor the maps look way smaller than in game. The way your map looks now is 90% walking to somewhere and 10% playing. The fact that you used 128x128 instead of 64x64 only makes this problem worse!

I know it's allot of work, but I don't see how the map will be played at all in a state like this. If you want, I can edit the map to be smallerand more playable, and can send the result for you to finalise yourself.

Ill look forward to your reply!

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