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Submitted by KingKong_ on 20.06.2015
AuthorNick Lame
DescriptionCommanderless map, because reasons. Bring boulders to base to gain tech. Feel free to reuse the scripts in your own comless maps, they may even work. Check out the server config file if using the scripts, some stuff there is necessary.

I wish I could get rid of these dots:......
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
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Map Statistics
R. Mines0
G. Mines0

Rating: 5 stars (1 vote)[You have to log in to rate!]
20.06.2015, 21:28
I tested the map and it worked fine! Checked all scripts and triggers, looks solid. Took the liberty of adding some features on the minimap, contact me when you could like them removed!
21.06.2015, 13:29
Those are good additions. I planned on making moving minimap icons for the boulders, but couldn't get them working. Those static icons are better than nothing.
22.06.2015, 17:52
Just played the map, all the scripting works as intended. However, I'd say the map is a bit too big and the concept requires a bit too much team coordination considering there is no commander to coordinate things. If I were to make another comless map, I'd make it smaller and simpler. Likely should be strictly one way map. Also giving everyone officer with scrips (if possible) would likely be a good idea.

02.07.2015, 06:04
Some terrain is too jagged and the boulders get stuck, I think it needs smoothing a bit for the crappy savage physics to work well.
02.07.2015, 17:41
As far as I know, there's two places where boulders get stuck and from both of them they can be pushed free. These places are at a corner of ramp and terrain near north flag, and then the sharp edge of the terrain in south flag. It's quite easy to push the boulder free from these two.

If there's places where the boudlers can't be pushed free from, then those would have to be fixed, but I'm not aware of any. If someone knows any then let me know and I'll fix it if possible. The problems that I know of aren't really worth the time it takes to fix them (that time going to battling against refset editor bug and finding a rare and mythical creature known as mapadmin.)

28.07.2015, 05:45
these mythical creatures you speak of seem only concerned with their own worlds and to mock and spit on others :)
28.07.2015, 18:30
A mystical creature spawned! Tell me when you fixed any issues and I'll re-check and upload it!
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays59
Game draws10
Human wins23
Beast wins26
Avg. minutes11

In-Game Reviews
19.12.2015, 11:22
23.09.2015, 16:21
shit map
04.08.2015, 16:11
to the .
03.08.2015, 15:37
not fun at all...
20.06.2015, 21:55
nice map!

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