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Submitted by on 15.04.2015
DescriptionA map inspired by the great russian leader and vodka.

Special thanks to newerth's greatest map maker for his great knowledge and tips. djinghis

#Grapistmap #Alenation #Mapvirginity......
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
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Map Statistics
R. Mines4
G. Mines2

Rating: 5 stars (2 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
23.03.2015, 17:20
I'll help you polish it up and then put it online when it's playable, grape. :)
23.03.2015, 19:27
Damm, I'm late for drama.. anyways.. without actually checking this map I can smell it is not entirely serious attempt to actually create something playable I mean like eden-playable.. not kinixx playable. I have no idea what kind of jihhad you girls got but you ought to keep this objective. If the map is a technical faliure.. then it should be pointed out. Which amy apparently did.. not in a cutest way I might add, however I am pretty sure there is some backstory to this.

Regardless of whatever subjective or personal stuff - the map section should be kept clear from half-arsed maps. If this just happens to be one - then it should be either re-made or deleted.

Again.. I have not checked the map and I don't care.. I just came here to say no to half assed maps and this whole "let's make "any" maps just for the lolz, thingie a.k.a. maprathon.
InDi :)
23.03.2015, 22:39
Grapist this your idea of Russia? if Yes, then you're stupid...

24.03.2015, 01:20
YO djinghis here :)
You don't need a TOD, its not a requirement, and in fact TOD's cause a small amount of lag. Although A TOD(Time Of Day) colour and lighting system is nice, did you ever stop to think that the 2nd most played map in savage doesn't have one (xr_kinixxx) and doesn't need one?
Furthermore "Amy" have you looked at the Map Jam thing going on (miss map admin)? 14 maps in 14 days or w/e, and you want time consuming tod/occluder and undulating boring green hill maps like most of yours (which btw lag). Give Gapist some credit for trying (his first map) and put it online like all the other map jam (5 minute) maps that I'm sure don't have TOD's or occluders as I've played most of them (they lag like hell).
You know it took 11 weeks for a map admin to bother checking my xr_doubledragon map, so I appreciate the number of map admins around now but lets not be nazis ok...
24.03.2015, 07:10
Would have been weird if you had been fighting over something that was worth it.
27.03.2015, 19:03
Map playable but still needs improvement of game play (was a general opinion on server)

28.03.2015, 05:19
Its fun and that's all that should matter...
14.04.2015, 17:54
-No occluders, but there are a few props and no logical spot to place them.
-Floating mini-rs mines.
-Too bright.
-No use of 3rd texture.
-No paint
-Unsmoothend hills
-Many texture bugs
-Completely flat
Now these are all technical problems.
In the matter of gameplay, this is one more choke map that can lead very easily to long, boring and monotonous games when both teams can camp and turtle in their base.
This needs massive improvement.
The reality is you should probably make a normal map and forget about this one.
16.04.2015, 16:03
OK, so what you did is you added poking occluders, fixed floating rs mines, and fixed some of the texture bugs.
TOD is the only good thing added here.

My opinion about this map remains the same, even if this map looks great and is technically perfect I would still not online it because my problems with the gameplay.

18.04.2015, 05:21
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays20
Game draws5
Human wins6
Beast wins9
Avg. minutes31

In-Game Reviews
04.04.2020, 14:30
wowzers so good!
Drugs tester
28.03.2015, 15:48
papa, pipa, dupa, cyce
26.03.2015, 16:42
i love the Smite reference <3 good map!
25.03.2015, 13:20
Best map on newerth.
25.03.2015, 13:20
Bad. Worse. Worst. Worst map eu.
25.03.2015, 10:59
This Nigger can make Maps )
24.03.2015, 15:55
24.03.2015, 15:08
his mom
24.03.2015, 15:08
Captain Kenway
24.03.2015, 15:08
delete map

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