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Submitted by Misch on 29.12.2013
DescriptionHere we go once again:
- overall look similar to xr_nanaa (ppl somehow liked it so why not just one more)
- layout itself is kind of an experiment so I have to pay attention how it plays and make sure it is not exploitable or anything..
- map name requested by Promethrion :P
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
Download LinksMap File
Overhead Image (right-click, "Save Target As ...")
Map Statistics
R. Mines7
G. Mines0

Rating: 5 stars (2 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
27.12.2013, 12:21
Interesting, quite big actually so I wonder how it plays out.
Found some problems in the middle section so check this short demo out :) [LINK]
27.12.2013, 15:06
Thanks lion I appreciate the help, I adjusted what I ccould, but it is impossible to align 100%-ly cube-shaped props together when they are not aligned to the terrain's orientation. I mean.. for adjusting X and Y axis separately for each prop, you would have to figure out some math solution or something. Besides that editor is buggy and props keep jumping from time to time at Z axis. + count in size differences.

Anyways map is online for testing period as I sense possible exploits attempts such as cata-over-hill.
27.12.2013, 18:18
You can align them manually, in the .objpos file inside the map .s2z. It's a 2 minute job, rounding up the numbers for a bunch of them. Look how Ane did with xr_zone.
28.12.2013, 07:47
the use of the .objpos file is mandatory if you want perfect alignment. My only comment in hindsight relating to xr_zone is that you actually don't want 100% perfect alignment, because then it renders shafts of light through the cracks when viewing at the wrong angle. Instead, overlap your objects by the tinniest margin (like .01 or something in that vicinity).
28.12.2013, 08:42
Fixed major disalignments, thanks for advice guys. Yeah and I moved 1st mine a bit closer to the SH/Lair because it was too far away.
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Beast wins35
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