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Submitted by Aneurysm on 08.09.2014
DescriptionA Work in Progress

Comments and criticism welcome

Started working on this again, feel free to check out the latest version.

Been making some good progress with this this last few days, I am really focussing on developing some strong secondary world elements for this map. Not sure how the fps are going to handle it, but I have to try it at least once on this engine to be satisfied.

New build as of 05.08.2014
For the first time since starting this about a year ago I feel it's really starting to come together. I'm still a fair way off completion, but I am feeling more and more satisfied with my result.

Changed out the aztec grass for the similar but slightly darker grassroadtile2 set that I made. Changed environmental lighting to brighten the mood of the map, added in an effect that has bird silhouettes flying around the mountain. Still loads to do, but it feels like its coming together nicely.

Pretty much finished with the aesthetics, still need to add in sound and I might play with a few more effects...maybe. Added in some redstone; not sure about placements, just threw them in, but will cement them as I have a few test runs. Blocked out everything I could think of/see on the map. If from this point in, people find ways to exploit the terrain of the map, it would be great if they let me know.

Occluders are in, TOD, other minor additions and a temporary minimap for testing purposes.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline - but needs fixing
Issues[none specified]
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
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R. Mines0
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08.10.2013, 12:22
It's big, it's green, it's what I do...
11.10.2013, 20:14
I've had a look and I think it's hard to see which areas of the map are closer to being finished, and which are still WIP. I think parts of it are great, the paint is going interesting places. But overall, it's inconsistent when it comes to terrain, textures and objects so it leaves me personally quite confused as to what's going on.

Some suggestions would be to limit the use of the rock textures to the smaller areas in the centre of the map (not on the surrounding/unplayable terrain). Also be more conservative with them and don't use them as random splotches under trees, because it looks out of place. I don't think the rock and the wheat textures mix very well.

Also the terrain is at places very nice, but a lot of it is jagged and it makes the map feel inconsistent.
11.10.2013, 20:14

On top of the waterfall there seems to be too many colors/shades of paint, there are also areas without colored paint. Might be worth a shot to make it more of a uniform shade even though I realize you're going for some rainbow theme.

When it comes to props you could consider making the syle more consistent. Perhaps by removing the aztec/old fences/platform ladders by human SH, etc you could build these from the new XR props instead. Also you could consider removing a lot of the rock pillars, my personal opinion is that they're ugly. Also, perhaps use more of the light rocks instead of the moss colored ones.

Anyhow, there you go. Some comments for you, of course it's only my personal opinion and you can do with it as you like. Hope to see where this map goes.
12.10.2013, 14:27
I suppose I should have been a little clearer in my description. I mostly uploaded this map for the sake of other peoples curiosity in regards to how a map in progress can look for me.

For this particular map, I started with a basic concept sketched on paper and then I have just been organically evolving it as I see fit. As a result, there hasn't been a methodical process to making the map. If I feel like working on a section I do, and then when I get bored/tired I just move to another section. As such it's probably a mish mash to the casual eye at the moment.
12.10.2013, 15:18
Also, thanks for looking it over SB I'll take your comments on board. A couple of things:

1. Not sure what you mean regarding random splotches of rock terrain under trees? As far as I am aware, I don't use it as a random splotch under any tree.
2. Ignore the aztec prop, it was just a stand in
3. I love the old fence prop and will likely use it until the end of my days; but I take your point, it is a bit mish mash at the moment. A lot of that is because i've gone through several rounds of trial and error regarding the props. Once I reach a set up im happy with, ill try and clean up the consistency as you say.
4. Same deal as above with the pillar prop
5. Uneven/untextured/painted terrain is just me having not finished areas.
16.10.2013, 19:52
This map looks great from the ground level! But it must have required a great amount of prop alignment, Ane style. The middle area seems so complex, i'm actually scared the map is never going to get done :). Waiting to be proven wrong.
19.07.2014, 08:58
Well, never say never... right?
27.07.2014, 00:47
hey ane.. i'd like to see some of your scanned sketch work that you begin with on maps. how's about it? : )

really interested to see the start of your mapping process.
27.07.2014, 06:15
Hmm for this map in particular I didn't scan in the images (in fact I don't currently even own a scanner). Instead I sketched the outlay more for proof of concept, then used it as a guide to manually flesh out the map using the paint function (as I demonstrate in my mapping guide).

I tend to be a very hands on kind of guy, I would be a terrible architect because I don't create a strict plan and then follow it through, rather I give myself a broad concept and then sculpt it out of the terrain as I go.
27.07.2014, 06:24
For the record, I also sometimes use the heightmap function when there are a lot of fiddly bits to the map, or if I want a super symmetrical result. In this instance, I use a drawing tablet to draw straight into photoshop and then import that into savage as I find that is the fastest work flow for me.

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