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Submitted by Misch on 18.01.2014
DescriptionFew words about this:
- blue roses on the minimap give auras (enter the hut)
- caves heal
- map itself seem to be unpredictable to me as for the strategy choice of each team, which should be good
- island in the middle ftw

- changed gass texture
- fixed fog and TOD
- fixed occluders

- fixed broken healing cave trigger
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
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Map Statistics
R. Mines6
G. Mines0

Rating: 4 stars (1 vote)[You have to log in to rate!]
20.09.2013, 02:33

The night TOD could perhaps use some work, change the color of the object ambiance? There's an occluder poking out into the gameplay.
20.09.2013, 02:33
Overall I think it looks too similar to your other maps (xr_arcadia comes to mind), as if you've borrowed designs from them and just put it together. It seems overall underworked and not very interesting. I just don't find anything really special about this map or anything nice, memorable to look at (the tree is nice in the centre, but it's a copy of xr_arcadia). Compare to xr_lava, for example and it's a world of difference.
20.09.2013, 02:33
The layout might play well, but I don't think it's anything that special.

I'd hesitate to put this online, I'd like some more thought to be put into the prop designs, textures and terrain. The best would be to find a new look for the map, something blueish, but not neccesarily snow, instead of the yellow (you use this yellow/green theme in many of your maps). Try to pick some new textures that you haven't used before and make them work together. Here's some suggestion: [LINK] that I put together fast, it's quite ugly as if but maybe some ideas.
20.09.2013, 02:33
So... TL:DR: Fix the occluder. Looks like your other maps, doesn't seem very special. Are you sure you want it online? Prefer a rework to give it a unique atmosphere/look.
20.09.2013, 07:07
General technical info:
- fixed occluder
- fixed TOD
- changed grass texture to different grass
20.09.2013, 07:08
The point:
- maps that are special in some way do not get played
- im definitely, totally and absolutely not going to put pavement texture over hills and moss under those autumn themed trees
- noidea what is wrong with props, from what I've heard ppl hate multi leveled castles with teleports and shit in the middle, so I went for a tree which is unarguably innocent even though it might be stole from arcania. Which brings me to another point:
- The fact that I made 3(+/-) suspiciously similarly textured maps with a touch of yellowish paint does NOT proove that all are the same. And the same applies to snowy maps. Let me put an example here:
- audhumla and hope_xp got same textures however they are not from the same person. And It's perfectly okay. So.. Next time I make grassy-autumn-yellowish map with totally different terrain and upload it with Amy's account aside with her name at overhead.. Is THAT going to be perfectly okay?
20.09.2013, 07:08

Frankly I'm perhaps a bit not objective at this point but on the other side you can't really expect me to change any of the fundamental points of the map such as layout or the overall prop theme. I agree with technical issues which just happens, however trying to make me change what I decided to be the basal structure and the point of the map (even though it is not special in any particular way) is simiply a "slight" insult - not to me - but to the effort that I (and other mapmakers too) have put into the particular map JUST to ensure that people could somehow load it and enjoy not so special map between playing normalize_physics, forgotten, or one of the 4 versions of kinixx.

TLDR: Techincal issues fixed. I don't care about certain similarities among my maps. If you don't like it just put don't put it online and consider that to be worse than n_physix for which people will cry when it gets deleted (if it actually ever gets deleted)
20.09.2013, 18:59
As we spoke in chat, apart from the technical issues it's just my opinion and of course it's not more valuable than your opinion or anyone else's. Not meant to be insulting. It's meant as a fresh look on your map, some food for thought and hopefully some constructive critisicm. If you don't agree with it, you're completely free to disregard it and I'll be just as happy. I'm sorry if it comes across as an order to try to force you into changing important part of your map!

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In-Game Reviews
17.12.2015, 17:57
workers bugged
26.03.2015, 23:42
04.01.2015, 16:26
18.09.2014, 14:05
pathing is no good
Apparently unskilled.
05.09.2014, 23:54
hrmpfs could be better
11.01.2014, 09:47
i dont have time to watch everything,,,,
21.09.2013, 17:11

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