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Submitted by Amy on 02.05.2016
-changed overhead

-added paint
-added shadows
-flattened hilly terrain a bit
-made human base smaller
-added notifications
-changed teleport coords
-added new beast teleport...
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
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Map Statistics
R. Mines8
G. Mines0

Rating: 2.33 stars (3 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
08.09.2013, 21:12
i like it :)
20.09.2013, 00:54

Nice looking map. Lots of good stuff going on with the props, especially the large bridge.

The far fog needs to be reduced. Try to put it so that you don't see the border where terrain and objects are rendering in. put the slider somewhere in the word "Far".
20.09.2013, 00:54
Some of the props seem like there has been a lot of work put into them (like the large bridge and the large waterfall). Some seem like they have been placed rather quickly to fill up the space. I notice you have a few villages, and I'd suggest you take a look at the props in the villages again and try to rearrange them to create a more interesting situation. One suggestion is that you create a point in the village that is stronger, that people would want to fight over. So that way, it's not just a bunch of buildings put together where everything is the same, but it's a strategic point where you can fight over the advantage. One way to do this could be to add a hill like this: [LINK] I just raised the terrain slightly and suddenly it becomes much more interesting to be in this area of the map. I think the two waterfalls (small ones) next to the windmill look misplaced. It looks like the water is coming from the rock, possibly rework that.
20.09.2013, 00:54
At the large bridge, if you fall under the water, you can't see the surface anymore so you lose some the feeling. Try to place a water mist prop upside down in the same spot, so you can see it from below as well. It's a bit tricky to get it in place, but it's possible, I tried it and it looks better from below if you see the mist. You should put the A Rot in the object parameters to 180 to get it upside down. You can fall through certain parts of the large bridge, you can probably fix this by placing invisible blockers inside the bridge, see this pic: [LINK] You should check the rest of it and make sure it's good.
20.09.2013, 00:54
You may want to go over the terrain and make it less repetetive (and probably a bit more fun for beast to play on) by flattening some areas of it. Use the flatten/unflatten tool and set the height so something. Kind of like you have in the lair/SH areas. It creates some visual variation as well instead of only rolling hills.

The textures overall give a nice feel. I'd personally like to see some more use of darker shadows (you can use the as dark as 0.25, 0.25, 0.25). Test if a bit and see if you like it. Put the shadow in areas where there are many props and also try it on the top/side of certain hills. For example you could try to darken the area at the SE corner, I tested it a bit and you can try something like this: [LINK] With some red paint added to the shadow. This kind of disguises the fact that there's so much terrain without any props there.
20.09.2013, 00:55
From a gameplay perspective, 128x128 is extremely large. You should think about that one more time and see if you don't want to make some terrain adjustments. Can both teams hold a forward sub/garrison, or will they have to run from their main all the time? If the answer is not obviously yes, does the map need a flag?

As for triggers go, the snare trigger is really nice. You should check that the healing caverns don't produce invulnerable summoners.
20.09.2013, 00:55
Ugh, yea sorry about the long text, I'm tired. PM me questions because I don't see the notifications here.
20.09.2013, 19:05
Checked it again, awesome work Amy!

Put online.
27.01.2014, 05:11
So much flag!
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays45
Game draws6
Human wins25
Beast wins14
Avg. minutes30

In-Game Reviews
24.04.2016, 14:37
laggiest map in savage
17.01.2015, 00:51
shit map
Apparently unskilled.
17.09.2014, 21:54
nice map :3

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