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Submitted by Misch on 18.01.2014
DescriptionHard to find words to describe, here is my best shot:
- symmetric, as pirate-themed as possible (without funky dungeons by the request)
- left cave heals and provides stamina
- right cave gives full ammo
- middle waterfall-lake heals
- map contains savage's first ship :P

- added epic TOD
- fixed Z effect of the mighty pirate ship

- increased place to build stuff in both bases

Please report any bugs you find. Thank you.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
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Map Statistics
R. Mines6
G. Mines1

Rating: 5 stars (1 vote)[You have to log in to rate!]
29.08.2013, 17:07
Looks great! :D
30.08.2013, 09:16
I searched the island and the ship, i found a hidden treasure and a crashed UFO but i couldn't find any damn pirate hats! I want my money back!
30.08.2013, 10:07
Well if I were you, I would totally go ask some dev to make a pirate hat for you so that I could then put it onto the top of the pillar of the ship for example.
30.08.2013, 11:07
i kinda dnt see how the resembles a pirate hat :P but cant wait to play it.
30.08.2013, 11:22
Actually I named it after the player called "APirateHat". There was no intention in making anything "hat" related :P Still I guess - jungle theme + ship + "sea" equals at least 50% pirate atmosphere.
31.08.2013, 09:23
You should probably use the far fog more. It's my understanding that it's designed to hide the border where the terrain/objects no longer render. Try putting a terrain render distance (which you have set to 0) to 4000ish and lowering the far fog so that it covers the border.
31.08.2013, 10:01
Yeah the farclip is too noticeable. Also you might wanna make the walls on the ship cabin from some wider planks, those props you stacked up are overlapping, causing the "z-fighting" effect.
31.08.2013, 10:02
Hmm interesting setting this "terrain_farclip". I've never used it, however I had to set both farclips at the same amount because its really strange to see terrain first and then objects being showed up. I went for 3500 for both and played a little with fog settings. However I want to keep the setting for night-time as it is right now. About the other parts I highered it and pushed more backwards so that edges of the farclip wont be so sharp hopefully.
31.08.2013, 10:29
@Daemon - fixed it both from in and outside with minimum amount of props
02.09.2013, 08:03
Epic ship! I think the two mines with the greatest tactical advantage are the mid south and north mines, because they are uphill from all other points, I like how there is a fairly open area between these mines. I'm picturing a lot of match deciding battles happening there.
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Game plays103
Game draws6
Human wins40
Beast wins57
Avg. minutes20

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11.04.2014, 00:07
its ok
19.02.2014, 16:53
30.10.2013, 18:07

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