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Submitted by salty_dog on 13.02.2016
DescriptionA Jungle themed map. Named for the snake from the jungle book.

At the lowest elevation is a river that rings the map. Upper paths at the outer edges wind over and around the river. Two interior valley paths offer a simple and direct route through the map, however each base should be easily defended from these attack points.

Small deposits of stone are scattered about the entire map so mine as you go.

9/13/13- need to reorder this map, set on the back burner for now.

-Made some tweaks on the triggers and added some scenery, we can't let the world miss out on a Salty_Dog map! Will tweak further after testing! -Tjens...
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
Download LinksMap File
Overhead Image (right-click, "Save Target As ...")
Map Statistics
R. Mines4
G. Mines2

Rating: 5 stars (1 vote)[You have to log in to rate!]

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13.08.2013, 08:40
Nice map! I like the bridges theme. I can't wait to play it.
17.08.2013, 04:28
Thanks for the compliment I love comments! :) Still fooling with this, may be a bit before I get it.
17.08.2013, 10:00
That overhead gets changed every time i see it. :)
20.08.2013, 15:47
Most impressive overhead I've seen in a while. I like the map theme aswell :) Have you considered creating an overhead-making tutorial? Not like I would need it but I would really love to see how do you do that kind of art :P
21.08.2013, 00:22
I need a good free screen recording program atm all I have is fraps
21.08.2013, 18:46
Fraps is good :).
22.08.2013, 09:07
had too update this, found one texture I missed and I modified the triggers a little
11.09.2013, 14:02
Changes to this one Otw
12.09.2013, 11:55
The overhead looks great, but it would look even better if you ditched the nasty texture overlay you have on it and softened the sharpness of the black line that outlines your walkable area. Other than that I totally dig the painterly look! I tried something similar on a map I did ages ago called Reverb. But straight out, I just didn't have the photoshop cred back then to have it come off any good :P
14.09.2013, 05:43
I'll give it a go for the fix. The texture overlay is mini map screenshot. So many little squares.

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