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Submitted by Misch on 13.01.2014
DescriptionWooden/forest style map with plenty of effects like hidden teleports or buffs giving triggers. Hopefully balanced in everything including terrain/redstones/triggers and buffs.

Big thanks to djinghis for overall help with triggers&effects and to Amy for helping with map testing.

- fixed farclip (2500)
- fixed west ladder

- reworked overhead

- added 3 spawnflags
- reduced lag causes (hi-poly trees/stones/effects)
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
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Map Statistics
R. Mines8
G. Mines0

Rating: 5 stars (1 vote)[You have to log in to rate!]
11.08.2013, 07:49
Farclip fixed (no idea how did I forgot that one). Fixed the west ladder aswell, but the other one at N-E near the ammo well is simply unfixable, I tried to make it work in like 20 different ways. If you want to go trought the platform you just have to go more to the left.. then there is no problem. I have no idea if the cottage or the platform itself causes the bug.. but yeah If I would have to spend another minute fixing it I would rather delete the whole structure.

Aye, thanks for checking it :)
12.08.2013, 09:55
np if you find anything I missed msg me and I'll set the status so you can update it.
13.08.2013, 08:36
The map is complex and it looks very good! I guess it took a while to make. Also, nice waterfall :). But it's killing my FPS.

In fact, there seems to be a problem with FPS all over, i think it needs better occluder placement. Those monoliths and pillars are pretty high-poly, you shouldn't abuse them or the map will be unplayable because of FPS.
14.08.2013, 07:10
Well I realize those monoliths are a serious thing, however it only eats like max 50 fps in extreme cases for me. And I don't even have taht epic PC. So I consider it as a needed casualty in order to actually see a interesting looking places like the waterfall or the cave. I'm not sure about occluder placement. I did it as it seemed best to me, but I might aswell be wrong about it.
14.08.2013, 15:46
occluders are alright I think. The map has 1732 objects though, eden only has 300 something. Also 18 effects and triggers, effects don't occlude. so I think it's the great number of props plus the effects and triggers, but I also agree with misch, if you really want to push xrs capabilities in this way, with the modular props and such, there will have to be a fps price.
14.08.2013, 17:19
Daemon makes a good point too though, poor fps = less likely to be played. Like double dragon, awesome but too much for some ppls cpu's. I think of that map as a concept map, you know like a concept car, a really cool all out display of an idea.
28.10.2013, 17:53
cool waterfall :D
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