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Submitted by salty_dog on 28.07.2013
DescriptionKind of watershipdowny, adhumlaish, however all ledges are accessible from both directions.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
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Map Statistics
R. Mines6
G. Mines0

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28.07.2013, 04:44

All done. Reduced number of objects used by around 200, and there are only 4 hi poly cypress now, whereas before they were on the map in the double digits.
11.09.2013, 20:39
I think the map looks excellent but I have some feedback.

I played beast commander on it yesterday, and I think it was very hard to find a spot to place a sublair in order to advance on the human base. All the lanes going out from the human base are downhill, which makes subs vulnerable, and there's also interconnectivity with middle, which worsens the issue. It worked somewhat, but only just, to put the subs far back in the top and bottom lane outside of ballista range, but while the subs survive longer they're somewhat ineffectual because it's so hard to attack the humans.

Humans can put shields in a few different places, so beast need to be able to push from more than one lane.
11.09.2013, 20:39
If you are interested in making changes, I'd suggest making one of the lanes a highground (with a hill sloping down towards human base), making it possible by covering props or altering terrain, to sub mid without being under immediate siege fire from the human base. Or creating small pockets at the in the top and bottom lane where a sub can sit somewhat protected.

Anyhow, do with it what you will, that's my feedback. I'll also leave some feedback on xr_deja later.
14.09.2013, 04:40
thanks for the feedback, haven't been checking comments lately, just stumbled onto it tonight.
I'm alittle frustrated with this map, the original version was much thicker with cover, but there were lag issuses. As for the difficulty in subbing, I intentionally designed this map to be difficult to hold a forward on. looks like I did too good a job at that though :P. would it help if there was a lane with level terrain? I'm thinking a fix that might meet your critique would be to level out the outer lanes, this way noboy is raining down on sub/garrs, they just have to push without the momentum a hill gives. It would be just as easy to make the corners of outer paths hillcrests sloping back toward each base, and moving third mine to the 2 new hillcrests. Both these fixes would change the entire dynamic of the map. As it is I'd say with equally skilled teams and comms, chem/fire rush is near impossible. No stats on newerth so I don't know how this one is doing as far as balance
07.09.2014, 03:12
Soooo...noticed that this map had 3 spawn flags listed, so I did a little bit of hunting, you have a few interesting items buried in your hills dude :P
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