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Submitted by salty_dog on 23.07.2013
DescriptionHopefully final remake of drift.

-Scaled down to a more playable size.

-Removed snow theme replaced with a deja, or leaves theme.

-Elevations drastically reduced.

-Hills and overall terrain much more level on the horizontal plain for mele.

-More gold can now be found at each base.

-redstone can now be found at every major strategic point on the map. The amount of stone available is equal to 5 1/2 large mines.

-paths have been diversified inner paths are dense for sneaking, outer paths are sparse for ranging.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived Fromdrift
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
Download LinksMap File
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Map Statistics
R. Mines4
G. Mines2

Rating: 5 stars (4 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
11.09.2013, 20:48
I really like this map, it looks awesome. My main feedback is that it was very easy to human to shield several places (basically each of the hollowed out areas in the lanes), while being very hard for beast to deal with it.

It's hard because, to get to the shield in some of the protected pockets, you have to traverse a large amount of terrain. You can't shoot it with summoners, because it's not in line of sight, so you have to sac it. Also, you can only go one way (down the lane), because there's no interconnectivity between the lanes except down by the SH/Lair.

So overall, very hard for beast if the human commander starts shielding garrisons on the map.

I see the stats are relatively even, so maybe it doesn't turn out like this in every game, but the potential is definately there.

I'm not exactly sure how to fix it, but it'd involve something like opening up the way to summoners to hit potential shields and increasing access across the map.
14.09.2013, 05:11
I'm happily surpised that there aren't more draws, I was afraid humans would have a tough time because the outer human paths are so long, I thought after playing it that even if humans could hold thier base, they'll never be able to push siege over all that length to close the game. For now I think it is working, looks like humans have a slight edge, 2 games up, but t2 could have just been out skilled twice. Honestly I'm afraid if I alter it I'll ruin something that seems to be working.
14.09.2013, 05:12
I'm not happy with north and south where center path meets the outer paths. As valuable stategic sneek points they are very weak and a little pointless when you consider that they are down hill from base and that there is a wonderfully covered hill right in front of 2nd mines.There are definately plenty of places to inter connect the paths. I see at least four. In drifts original design the outer areas north and south mid are more open, but for this design it just gave too much power to hold that corner and get all the stone over there.
14.09.2013, 05:16
if you thow out last 3 games map plays 5% draw, 45% beast, 50% human. Im proud :) I hope the stats stay close to balanced, not like minshoreline :P
20.10.2013, 18:19
human stats are creepin up, over 50%
22.10.2013, 14:07
I looked at your map, I didn't like it very much...yeah, it had stone mines in it, those things are so op. Oh and two command centres, like that's so 2012, who does that anymore? Also, half your npc's are chiprels...everyone knows that too many chiprels on a map inbalances the gold on the map. I probably had more complaints but I was in too much of a hurry to close down my editor to stop my eyes from burning... so yeah I guess that will have to do.
23.10.2013, 08:25
I'll have to try harder next time. I'm still kind of new at this btw.
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays130
Game draws10
Human wins62
Beast wins58
Avg. minutes28

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Looks amazing

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