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Submitted by SavageBeard on 30.06.2013
DescriptionAsymetrical map with five redstone mines and a central flag. Named after the aztec god of wind.

CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
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Map Statistics
R. Mines5
G. Mines0

Rating: 3 stars (2 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
InDi :)
29.06.2013, 20:49
nice map!
29.06.2013, 22:41
I like the atmosphere your creating, I think my favorite part of the map is the river areas with the grass. When I was running around in it I noticed a few of the props aren't meeting the terrain all the way. Some of the wall ruins, and one of the ladder2 props. The place I thought could use the most improvement was the wide river path, to me it seemed a little naked maybe one or two river birches could dress it up a bit, but that's entirely a stylistic point. I also noticed the lucy under the pool by mid east mine is un reachable, there is an invisible floor, you could move the lucy or raise the terrain to fix it there.
29.06.2013, 23:05
Also I think the small river area in the sw might get buggy when people walk in the spots where the terrain makes those really narrow valleys, could cause players to get stuck in the ground. I like the look of that area though it's my favorite spot on the map. Players might have trouble attacking with siege from sw because of the unclimbable cliff there opposite the ladder. Last thing I noticed was that the humans are really a lot farther from extra recourses than the beast are and it makes me think that beast will run the map, it adds closeness to the speed advantage beasts already have. Hope this helps.
30.06.2013, 00:46
Good eye for details :) Thanks for the feedback! I made a few changes for the props.

I wasn't able to get stuck in the ground with siege or with regular units, do you think it's different if there's a lot of players?

Yes humans are farther away, I could always move the SW mine a bit closer north but I'd prefer to try it like this first, I'd like the humans to have an equal choice of north and south. I tested the running distance and it was about the same for beast/human (30s) but I must've done something wrong as beast should be faster in theory.

Thanks again

30.06.2013, 01:47
If humans are NW this is a bad map, if Humans are SE this is a good map
30.06.2013, 03:36
Actually swapping positions makes a bit of sense. The new version now has humans SE. Beast might be too tempted to fire rush now, however. I'll think about it some more before I put it online.

30.06.2013, 06:36
My comment essentially was because it looked like beast would have a big advantage on getting to flag. Will have to play on map to see tho.
30.06.2013, 10:15
Navigating this map was fun, traveling across seems to not be very hard. Additions, the trees are really nice, it would be also cool to add some green leaves and pink flowers in them, so it feels alive, as the texture of the mountains may will contrast more if you add extra color in them. Great map. Indeed.
20.09.2013, 17:42
I love the cool purple/pink night time TOD effect you've got going on in this map!
15.03.2021, 15:32
djinghis is a bitch
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays31
Game draws14
Human wins9
Beast wins8
Avg. minutes14

In-Game Reviews
30.11.2014, 11:05
crashes - please remove
06.03.2014, 16:54
will crash server
01.02.2014, 05:31
bugged like all Savagebeard maps
10.11.2013, 14:29
nice map
10.11.2013, 14:29

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