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Submitted by salty_dog(SCD) on 25.06.2013
Descriptionmade freehand and not a mirrormap, hopefully room for many different plays.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
Download LinksMap File
Overhead Image (right-click, "Save Target As ...")
Map Statistics
R. Mines5
G. Mines2

Rating: 5 stars (2 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
27.06.2013, 02:15
this is a beautiful map.
are you 100% ready on it?
27.06.2013, 02:25
I'm ready but, I was hoping to get a second set of eyes on it, before it goes online. I always feel like there is something I missed or some way things can be improved.
27.06.2013, 17:58
28.06.2013, 03:51
Hello! I put it online since you had it waiting for final check - I assume you were happy with it? Looks great, seems like a solid map all in all :) Couldn't find anything wrong with it. The map looks very good as is, but I noticed you haven't used any paint (or very little). Seems like a reasonable suggestion to try it, if you are looking for ways to improve the map.
28.06.2013, 08:48
Thanks for the critique beard. :) I will keep it in mind on future maps, I'm not all that practiced with painting in the editor, I'll have to read up on it in the forums.
28.06.2013, 13:30
I'm sure you won't have any trouble to use it :) The way I do is I paint the whole map with a color, say 0,7x3 so you can add highlights anywhere by deleting paint. It'll darken the whole map, so you'll have to pick some brightness that doesn't look too gloomy. Then just add darker shadows in certain spots (0,2x3 or 0,5x3 depending on how dark you want it), you can add a bit of color to the paint as well to match the texture. Also you can apply more heavy color to make certain areas stand out such ast the blue area above the human flag on crossroads.

I think some maps like losthills are very good with paint, if you load it and remove all the paint you see how feeble it looks :)
29.06.2013, 03:07
who put this map in online status??
29.06.2013, 03:09
FYI, placing a map status to 'online' only does just that. You'll need to place the map onto the London server.. there is a button to place the s2z and the overhead onto the server towards the bottom of the edit page. :D
19.07.2013, 08:53
this is looking pretty balanced so far 2 and 2. Makes me happy.
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Game plays73
Game draws13
Human wins33
Beast wins27
Avg. minutes25

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