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Submitted by SavageBeard on 10.06.2013
DescriptionA small map that features a tibetan atmosphere. A place filled with snow and foul creatures high on top of the crest of the world.

The human should be able to shield in a multitude of locations, including on top of their hill, where they are semi-protected from summoners coming from mid.

The gold is mostly in the middle. There's also a redstone mine under the tree stump in the middle.

Beast lair should be out of range for easy sieging through middle. Beast 2nd mine should also be out of range from easy sieging.

Hidden to the naked eye are two blockers in middle that protects the corner areas of the building complex from catapult shots. Two rocks indicate the lower delineation of this border. Thus, beast are able to sub mid to some degree.

A short-cut exist between bases, but within are two Grimm's walls to imepede rapid progress.

Suggested shields:
Middle of human base, make sure you cover the back area with more towards to prevent summoners hitting: [LINK]

Hill, allows you to build a forward shielded garrison: [LINK]

You can also place a shield behind the stronghold, if you want two shields. Put it on the west side as much as possible to put it out of range, because the downward slope towards human base has cover for summoners.

Named Dagger Island after the ice island in Ultima Online.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
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Map Statistics
R. Mines5
G. Mines0

Rating: 3 stars (2 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]

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23.05.2013, 23:07
ill take a look at it sometimes. :D
feel free to check out my maps too :D. we could start a co-creating relationship. ;)
24.05.2013, 00:42
is there a package error? it's in zip format instead of s2z
24.05.2013, 01:02
Not sure what you mean, I download it and it's .s2z. :S
24.05.2013, 03:44
I got it. win8 auto-packed/saved as zip. just had to format on my side. :p
24.05.2013, 03:44
will check after I check the maps ahead of you. : )
24.05.2013, 15:40
No maps ahead of you Shun will check it now.
26.05.2013, 04:22
actually, there is 2.
27.05.2013, 01:55
Hello! Thanks for checking.

1. Yea I know it's high, but it's intentional to get the look of the map. I didn't like the low farclip (and thus low fog at all). The map is so small that you will see most of it regardless. The human has to come farily close to the beast side in order to siege anything, I have tested the distances and it checks out IMO. Ballistas have to expose themselves very close to the downslope towards t2 base. And it should be easy enough to stop in time if beast are active. Human side should be protected from siege by a shield. They can shield on the low ground or the highground, the highground shield at their 2nd is protected from summoners from mid to a great extent. I mean, regardless of farclip, a good team can siege things outside of view distance as long as it's within range, right? So the core of the problem if wether or not it's within too easy range, which, having tested it, I don't think it is.
27.05.2013, 01:56
2. No TOD is intentional.

3. Are you sure you can shimmy across it? I tried it extensively and I couldn't.

4. Blockers above the beast t2/grimm are to prevent catas to shoot over the hill (exploit anyhow) and to force catas to expose themselves somewhat more in order to hit tech. Humans don't need this because they can create their own obstacles with towers and a shield.

5. The blockers there are to protect sublairs in mid from catapult shots that'd be too easy to make otherwise from the human 2nd redstone mine.
27.05.2013, 04:50
online, pending our convo. : )

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