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Submitted by SavageBeard on 20.05.2013
DescriptionScreenshots: [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] [LINK]

This map features an interesting layout with short distances between bases, but hopefully with the stability to keep the match going into the end game.

The middle is designed to be interesting for melee combat, hopefully not encouraging coil/tempest/siege campers on the highground too much. Human siege cannot pass above the wooden platform in the middle to the beast side, they cannot catapult the lair from this position, and must move to the sides in order to reach the Lair with siege. This encourages demorunning.

Gold is placed so that you must have a secondary sublair/garrison to gather it, and it's more exposed on the human side to compensate for relocators and the human side gold is placed where it's less ideal to place a shielded sublair. The goal is to make gold deniable to some extent. Beast gold has a spot for a sublair that is relatively protected from siege (ballista can't hit) and from demorunners. This is to compensate for the relative fraility of beast buildings.

Flags in the pits are there to make sure there's always a way to endanger the enemy tech. On the beast side, the Lair cannot be hit without exposing siege on the ledge (cannot sit behind the ridge and hit lair with catapult). My main concern is that there may be too little cover for beast at the flag areas, but any relevant shield should be exposed to summoners who spawn at the flag, making it a strategic position. There are Grimm's wall protecting the flag areas at the start to enable pmining from the redstone mine there.

The other side area with the blooded hill is kind of a sneaky/backdoor entrance which makes the game somewhat more dynamic if a stalemate occurs. A sublair or garrison can be completely hidden behind the pillar.

Here are some suggested shields for the human side:
Behind SH: [LINK]

Infront of SH left side (might be the best): [LINK]
This setup is vulnerable to summoners who edge right along the wall at the human flag side. A few more towers toward the flag side will make it very hard to hit. It's possible to make towers which will attack summoners/units on the ridge as well. So with some redstone investment, this is a strong shield.

It's also quite vulnerable from the middle, however a well placed tower can solve this issue. If this tower is not placed, the shield is very weak from mid. Here is how to place it:

Infront of SH right side: [LINK]

Aggressive shield on beast side: [LINK]

Frail shield blocking the main entrance to human SH: [LINK]

Human flag area, it is possible to block the human flag and create a shield that is very strong vs summoners:

Beast shield area, (if you are lucky enough to pull it off):

Beast can build tech on the west side of the lair to make it out of range from siege standing on the ledge of their flag area. Siege can travel in the east corridor from the human flag to the beast base, but there are a few props that act as obstacles which they have to drive around. The little bushy area with walls on the east side is fit to protect a sublair from ballistas.

Named after a town in Ultima Online - Magincia.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
Download LinksMap File
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Map Statistics
R. Mines5
G. Mines0

Rating: 4.5 stars (2 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
09.05.2013, 01:36
Who checked this already? I see comments in the issues box.
09.05.2013, 02:15
Fixed the occluders.

The area behind the SH is buildable to some extent now: [LINK] (it will prevent beasts leaping there). As you say, it's not the ideal spot for a shield. I think the best spot would be next to the big moss tree, so you can also shield a garrison through the wall. I'd prefer to flatten the terrain as you suggested, but unfortunately the textures get messed up.

Human siege can't reach the area above the wooden platfrom on beast side (there's a slight bump), to prevent people picking of beast tech through mid too easily. Catapult can't reach the lair from this point in mid. So human siege should be less effective, but still be able to pick of misplaced tech.

It may be prone to a draw as you say, to combat this I tried to place the gold in a spot where it can be somewhat contested. Anyhow, if it seems too drawish after playing it, I'll rebalance it.
17.05.2013, 13:09
Nice map, I don't know if this was intentional or a bug but the monkits at the beast base (happened against me anyway) all attack at once when you get close.
17.05.2013, 15:05
@ Feathers: The monkits are fixed in the new version, so you can farm them. The new version is on newerth and leet but it's not updated yet on G&G. :)
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays64
Game draws4
Human wins27
Beast wins33
Avg. minutes20

In-Game Reviews
x x
25.09.2016, 13:40
27.05.2015, 19:22
need more penises.
27.05.2015, 19:22
too easy for humans
29.05.2013, 13:16
samurai mod on this one is awesome
27.05.2013, 19:02
Swag Prince of the Bitch Mob Ki
20.05.2013, 20:16
20.05.2013, 20:16

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