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Submitted by Misch on 26.11.2013
Description9.7.2013 update:
- changed the type of catwalk so it's not that buggy
- added some diversity to texture (*hopefully*)
- added few new props, deleted unnecessary bushes etc (*associated with catwalk change*)

10.7.2013 fix:
- fixed buggy worker path at humans side
- added few trees
- fixed "leaping over grimswall" thingie

- fixed occluders
- added 4 more mini_rs_mines + replaced one in the middle

- added teleport to middle part
- fixed lousy shadows
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
Download LinksMap File
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Map Statistics
R. Mines2
G. Mines2

Rating: 5 stars (2 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
25.08.2012, 19:58
will one stone mine be effective, or is this map beneficial without full tech?
25.08.2012, 20:25
There are like 5-6 small red-stone mines in the middle. I think its mainly about "who can mine middle more". Oh yea and there are also small mines at the south-west/east part of the map. Each one has 2k rs. That means that there is around 20k red-stone from small-mines only.
29.08.2012, 04:18
Can you edit the mini-map to display all possible stone mines?

I will take a look at the map when I get a chance (I enjoy the overhead layout) .. Though it seems as if the flag is easily dominated by behe spawns.
29.08.2012, 18:16
Overhead is updated. Well about that behe spawning - it's refs job to care about it and that can happen actually at any flag. I can't see any possible way of avoiding behe spawning :/
08.09.2012, 13:46
Hey Misch!

This map is pretty nice, i like it! It has an authentic feel about it. Suggestions:

1. What i would like is a more diverse ground texture, at least in the large openings in front of the bases. It looks kinda monotonous there.

2. The pier segments you used for the South catwalks have those side wood beams intersecting pretty badly. In the "pier" set, there are enough variants so you can use segments complementing one another, instead of overlapping (like: ABAB instead of AAAAA). Some have vertical poles where other segments, without vertical poles, connect seamlessly.

Thank you!
22.07.2013, 08:26
The workers are not supposed to move in the middle actually. I know it may sound painful but considering the fact that this map is "not classically shaped" I think it is okay to leave it that way. The middle part is of course build-able so that players can actually get redstone from it.

Anyways.. fixed the occluders, moved the redstone (the one in the middle) and added 2 mini_stones to each base. That means each team gets 12k+4*2k= 20k redstone by default in base (if im not wrong at numbers). As for the rest of the stone in the middle (around 10-16k) - teams got to fight for it :)
22.07.2013, 08:35
Gj ! I'll give it a quick go over again, check back in 10 min
22.07.2013, 08:41
this is ready. do you have your fog set how you want it? I noticed that it's all the way up.
22.07.2013, 08:47
Fog fixed. I must have accidentally removed it by excessive playing with setting of it.
22.07.2013, 08:48
:D ding!
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays23
Game draws5
Human wins6
Beast wins12
Avg. minutes18

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