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Submitted by DarkPaladin on 24.12.2011
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusoffline - old, redundant version
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Map Statistics
R. Mines6
G. Mines0

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14.01.2012, 18:48
Reviewed, there are some exploitable spots (at least the walkable points them out), please go through your map again and search out such spots:

14.01.2012, 18:50
Otherwise I like the maps theme, its about time that these xr_ buildings are put to good use, well done!
14.01.2012, 20:13
Thx mate, how do I put those indicators on? Was always wondering why savage didnt have such stuff
14.01.2012, 20:17
And btw, I already checked the entire map for exploits...I just tried the hill from your screens again and it seems like I cant pass them

15.01.2012, 00:20
the indactors are switched with 6. Theyre not 100% proof, so testing is the only method to know for sure, I didn't have the time so I showed you the pics from inside the editor. Still these indicators show if the steepness of a field allows to stand on it or if the player slides down. Commonly said its better to make such spots a little steeper to go sure, since some people are really good in exploiting, they often can get up hills which look unclimbable to most of the other players.

15.01.2012, 00:42
I tested your map now, I didnt make it up the hills aswell.
One other thing is that I get really low fps on your map, but I guess thats the size and the nearly 1000 objects.
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Game plays4
Game draws3
Human wins1
Beast wins0
Avg. minutes8

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