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Submitted by shuN on 27.07.2014
DescriptionXR map integrating various objects, props, and other facets from TS, XR (aztec/arabic), SFE, Samurai sets.

Mid size map, bases situated to a central location. four corners have great landscaping with each having their own unique features.

1 flag in one of the corners. Stone mine in another. Healing location on an aztec building in one corner. Various caves, waterfalls, land-sculpting all over (typically found on the outer perimeter). Central pathing consists of buildings/props used for play purposes.

Central path is an ice trigger, allowing quick movement through the center map path. There are two ladder props used in the central ice location, consisting of teleport triggers on each.

Particle effects located in the map to add effect.. etc.

NPC's used were only monkits, as the necessity for lower amounts of monkits map for expansion to be more useful and sought after.

Each base has 2 primary entrances, and a third situated just around the bend from one of the entrances.

There is a slight turtling to the base setup. This was done intentionally so that QUICK gameplay would not occur. Still, there are options for a great commander to take advantage of sneak entrances in order for a proper rush to occur.

- 7/26/14 . Removed emitters to fix FPS issues.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
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Map Statistics
R. Mines5
G. Mines0

Rating: 2.75 stars (4 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]

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16.02.2011, 22:37

Refitted occluders.
Did a complete overhaul to the outer perimeter terrain. (after reading Ane's tutorial pdf. Lol.)

Completely reformatted the extreme outter perimeter to test a new style of "natural distance viewing"

Going to have to test some of the areas though, so say tuned.

17.02.2011, 02:01
wow, sounds like an interesting xr_ map, gotta see it tomorrow after work, nice thing from story, eh!
17.02.2011, 02:21
Ok.. revamped the first outter perimeter walls to allow visuals for second perimeter mountain range.

Added textures to the second mountain range to give a more 'cold' look.

Completely redid the TOD settings to make for a more.. surreal feel.

17.02.2011, 04:31
Had to adjust some occluder/buildings and props due to terrain height adjustments.

Reworked some of the foilage/grass and effects.

17.02.2011, 07:44
uploaded first minimap.

gahd i'm fawkin rusty. -_-
18.02.2011, 05:03
new minimap.


18.02.2011, 06:53
This map sucks, I hate it, fix it or die.
18.02.2011, 07:26
hater. :P

18.02.2011, 12:15
for my taste it got too less textures, but I guess thats the style of it... The watery effect is interesting, is it made with ice-planes?
18.02.2011, 21:08
Yes.. and I suck with textures. This is my first complete map with the XR editor.. before I only used SFE and previous editors. :P

Kind of why the inner walls were so thin and square/pointy. I have not quite got the jist of 'naturally-felt rolling hills' .. Up until I finally noticed Ane wrote a tutorial.

This was about 60% into the map, I figured out a proper way to adjust terrain deformation. Which led to both outter wall sections being thicker and more natural.

This map was also hand-sketched and scanned instead of shopped. Which I now fully enjoy, however.. I'm still trying to figure out just the proper size of an image to sketch, with the proper width's to use for walls in order to get the best thickness when the layout is rendered in the editor.

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29.10.2014, 17:37
Apparently unskilled.
19.07.2014, 21:42
layout ok, but made without love.
13.02.2014, 20:20
26.12.2013, 18:24
Fucking bad map :(
Urmel mit der Murmel
02.10.2013, 19:38
geht so
10.10.2012, 18:32

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