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Submitted by $asi N!nja (IL) on 15.10.2010
Editor$asi N!nja (IL)
DescriptionA fixed verision of the map riverbend_sep :
1. I fixed the walls in the bases.
2. I fixed the middle hill, now its impossible to pass there.
3. I blocked the bunkers between the walls.
4. I've added 4 mudents to make a better way to get gold under attack.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived Fromriverbend
Map Statusunder development - waiting for being fixed
IssuesLets see,

- The wall props at the human end still don't touch one side of the bunker prop. Both bases the walls have areas to walk through, so you haven't really fixed this issue.

- Still no occluders at all on the map, a fixed version should definitely contain these.

Aside from that, looks good.
Download LinksWARNING! This map is still under development and is most likely not final. If a modified version of this map goes online, you might have to delete the map version you can download now.

Map File
Overhead Image (right-click, "Save Target As ...")
Map Statistics
R. Mines5
G. Mines2

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30.09.2010, 17:32
does it need a new mini? Does the current riverbend mini not fit this map anymore?
01.10.2010, 08:05
You can't finalise a map without a mini.
$asi N!nja (IL)
01.10.2010, 11:36
Dont need a new mini, i tried to upload the mini from the orginal map, But its too big and im dont understand how it was uploaded to orginal if its too big.. I just need the mini in 512*512 size, and dont need to change anythinh.
01.10.2010, 15:29
Hmm, just had a look, funny that a minimap the wrong size has existed all this time. I wonder if it even lines up ingame.

Looks like you are going to have to make one then :P
$asi N!nja (IL)
01.10.2010, 22:20
D: Yes, tried but i dont have the fit software to do that :P mb my photoshop is still able ^^
$asi N!nja (IL)
01.10.2010, 23:29
OK, 'ts done and ready for playing, ive created the minimap, with photoshop's help :D
02.10.2010, 13:13
Did you just resize the map, without bothering to check whether it fits ingame? That doesn't really cut it dude. I can even see a line down the bottom of the mini, where you haven't properly cropped it. Please take this a little more seriously.
$asi N!nja (IL)
02.10.2010, 15:28
I checked now and its fit.
But away, the white line down do not change a thing.
07.10.2010, 12:45
The line does matter. It is supposed to be a "fixed" version, not a poorer quality version than the original.
$asi N!nja (IL)
19.10.2010, 14:11
Here, now i fixed it all :P

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