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Submitted by Bearded Frog on 01.06.2010
Description-Named after one of the greatest bands of all time
-Probably my final map.
-Special thanks to Aneurysm for helping me with a few things
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
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Map Statistics
R. Mines5
G. Mines0

Rating: 3.8 stars (5 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]

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22.05.2010, 08:41
Something in what way? Actually never mind I'll have a look shortly. Beware however, with a name like Opeth, I am expecting big things!
Bearded Frog
22.05.2010, 23:18
Thanks for checking it out Aneurysm
23.05.2010, 05:09
Bearded Frog
23.05.2010, 06:06
Thank you Aneurysm for fixing it!
26.05.2010, 14:57
Righto mate, had a look over the map.

A couple of things need fixing up before we throw it online.

1.The group of chiprels/monkits next to the stronghold. You need to reduce these, it isn't a well publicised bug, however too many npc's grouped together can cause server crashes when players rapidly kill them (an issue that happens on Supernaut for example).

2. The farclips are shorter than your fog levels. Switch it around so that your "Fog Far" masks your far clipping.

26.05.2010, 14:57
3. The two side entry points into both mains are huge inclines. Couple that with some very flat steep sided walls this map is going to very heavily favour humans. They will be able to cheaply and easily shield and then dominate play on the field because of the steep inclines that beast players have to contend with. It is my belief that you should literally half their size to make it more manageable for beasts. Perhaps even drop the height of some of those walls to allow them a chance to summoner some shields.

4. You could probably afford to place an occluder in the terrain below each of the frontgates to help occlude that area in the mid bottom area.

See how you go with that.

Oh... also, maybe change the colour/tone of the Opeth tag, or increase the contrast of the outside glow it has on it. It blends to easily into the minimap.
Bearded Frog
26.05.2010, 15:05
Thanks for taking a look at it. Ill look into the fog/chiprels when I get home. I thought I had a small enough ammount of them but I guess not. I do flat walls for 2 reasons. A. For beasts melee so humans cant gay them on a wall incline. For Human base building so there is no confusion in building placement. I have tested on a few base layouts here on this map and its far less cheap and easy than you might think because its a large area to cover all 3 sides. It will take 3 shields and a lot of stone. Perhaps more than is easily available from 2 mines. I dont really agree that the inclines are too steep. I made them that steep because its a small map and I don't want beasts to have too big of a rush advantage from one of those sides. The mid route is always a flat way into the base.
Bearded Frog
26.05.2010, 15:05
Ill take another look tonight and make sure I do disagree with you. Ill also add the occulder you suggested. You're probably right about the opeth logo as well. I was having trouble finding a good look for it. Ill try the contrast idea. Thanks for looking at it.
Bearded Frog
27.05.2010, 14:00
What do you reccomend for fog/farclip settings? I can't seem to find any setting that is perfection.
Bearded Frog
27.05.2010, 18:26
kinda glad this didnt get put online. I randomly came up with a few new ideas. Not sure theyre going to please your idea of strategy here but definitelly going to be cool.

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21.02.2015, 17:17
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23.06.2014, 06:34
opeth is art - this is not...
20.10.2013, 07:32
Nice map xD
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good game
MM mikemichigan
13.10.2012, 08:18
mikemichigan is the greatest

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