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Submitted by Aneurysm on 13.01.2010

Looking to make a king of the hill style map, with a castle theme... this is hopefully a lot of fun.

Going to start keeping track of updates on Newerth so that would be testers can see if their version is up to date or not

v1.3 - 18/12/09 est.
v1.4 - 19/12/09 est.
- elevator styled tunnels
- mag shield drop
- coil drop
- several launch pad fixes
- more prop work
v1.5 - 20/12/09 est.
- added another brickhouse to the structure
- a few more paths and some castle walls
- more "flooring" added to the top level
v1.6 - 21/12/09
- added a new area that will be the conditions for gaining your second tier.
v1.7 - 22/12/09
- added new area that will be the conditions for gaining teams third tier.
- general prop fixes, trigger fixes, removal of ice props, replaced with snow.
v1.8 - 31/12/09 est.
- Reworked the textures on the map, same theme, just wasn't happy with the way I had originally laid them out.
- Prop lighting has also been rejazzed, for a slightly darker, but warmer tone.
- Several triggers have been fixed, some temporary triggers have been removed.
- Tempest and medpacks are now in the map as triggers
- More prop work on the central castle area. Starting to get to the stage where I am happy with the layout
- More greenery added to provide a little more cover/interest
- Flags now up on top of the hill.... not yet set up with triggers... have 3 at the moment.
v1.9 03/01/10
- Triggers now set for flags
- Victory conditions are up (thanks to Moh)
- Voice over for start has been made
- Weapon/Item drops now have sound effects for run overs
- Voice over for the heaven breach has been made
- Fairly big prop and effect update
- Some changes made to the the allow beasts to leap uphill without loss and also some other minor changes.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline - but needs fixing
Issuesput online for some testing :)
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
Download LinksMap File
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Map Statistics
R. Mines9
G. Mines3

Rating: 5 stars (1 vote)[You have to log in to rate!]

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16.12.2009, 05:21
16.12.2009, 14:17
Nice map, unique gameplay. Looking forward to the final release =D
16.12.2009, 14:54
Add kings and hills and you'll have me sold.
16.12.2009, 15:47
Update uploaded. Still playing around a LOT with triggers, unfortunately as I am hopeless at scripting etc, it's a lot of slow trial and error. Some fairly sizeable renovations to the central building in this update too.

Moh if you happen to read this, your legendary help would be appreciated once I get to the more final stages of setting up the "king of the hill" conditions and such stuff O_o
25.12.2009, 14:20
ROFL this looks like an UT map! this is so awesome keep up the good work! Oh please make it king of the hill ;)
30.12.2009, 15:41
Thanks Tjens,

I'm just plodding away at it, but I am afraid with the news of Mohican out with work that no one will be able to set up my triggers :(
02.01.2010, 15:53
Could also work for the DeathMatch mod in HvH (with some Human NPCs added).
03.01.2010, 05:17
I will have to look into that further when I am closer to completion... could make a couple of variations on the map without too much extra effort me thinks
03.01.2010, 10:04
- Voiceover is difficult to hear :(
- Humans can't use tempest (no mana). Works with Chaplains though, who are OP with it and look cool while using it.
- Beasts do not affect human's ticket loss rate when they capture flags (in other words they can't win).
03.01.2010, 15:35
bwahha my plan is coming to fruition!!!

those nasty beasties will soon be a thing of the past...

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