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Submitted by Aneurysm on 20.09.2009
DescriptionA revamp of the snowflake map bigriver. I have changed a load of the asthetics.

- River terrain changed to show a slight curve in the river, to make it appear more natural.
- Stone arch at the 2nd mines swapped out for a stone bridge.
- All 4 mines repositioned for better worker pathing and building access. No more bugged human mine
- More cover in the form of trees to give the map a little more balance
- A complete retexturing and painting
- Some more subtle variation on the walkable terrain to create more variety in battle.
- River now runs the opposite direction, spawn still at the same end, but now at the top of a small hill rather than sitting under a waterfall.
- Removed most of the props in the river and largely fixed up the floating river props.
- Re occludered and removed random floating occluders
- Drop holes in the frontgates closed off
- Slight change to the tod to make it a little softer at "night" and a nice warm "sunset"
- Oh and new minimap of course ;)
- Worker pathing tested, no issues there

Map is for all intents and purposes finished and ready for a final check.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived Frombigriver
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
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Map Statistics
R. Mines4
G. Mines0

Rating: 2.25 stars (8 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]
16.09.2009, 01:20
looking good ane.
17.09.2009, 07:01
just one question, where did you get the river, icon from?
17.09.2009, 13:43
I painted it by hand... the waterfall at the end of it is just a modified version of the one that can be found in the "icons" pack that can be found in the download section here at newerth.
18.09.2009, 06:11
looks great

22.09.2009, 18:23
very nice work...Added to our N4B server

: )
23.09.2009, 12:34
Almost a great map. Exploit point (wall) is easy to level 2 boobie players.
23.09.2009, 12:41
No. Its really great. But u have to fix that right side of the beast river wall.
04.10.2009, 03:03
All prop surfs on this map are bugged (bugged unit animations when you walk over props). Easy to fix: open the SFE map editor and save the map.
22.10.2009, 17:52
Please fix the exploit and save the map in the SFE editor. I want to add it to the Olderth maplist.
05.11.2009, 22:00
I am currently netless, will look at fixing the bugs from my maps once I return.
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In-Game Statistics
Game plays136
Game draws27
Human wins44
Beast wins65
Avg. minutes23

In-Game Reviews
Drugs tester
30.06.2015, 16:54
Bed. Beast map.
25.05.2015, 13:10
monkits made
02.08.2014, 01:59
13.07.2014, 12:07
Nice map.
16.06.2014, 20:56
ssss s s
24.03.2014, 01:12
Good map
30.09.2012, 16:27
nice map
22.09.2012, 04:47
big map

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