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Submitted by Trigardon on 26.02.2009
DescriptionChanged all (I hope) known exploits on this map
I'm a nub myself but wanna play eden2 in NSL so I decided to give it a try

Original made by S2games
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived Fromeden2
Map Statusoffline - old, redundant version
Download LinksMap File
Overhead Image (right-click, "Save Target As ...")
Map Statistics
R. Mines5
G. Mines2

Rating: 4.22 stars (9 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]

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25.02.2009, 19:56
Ruin walls don't really fit into eden, maybe you should try rocks. And when you want to fix that map, you should also fix the waterfall at lair, where human can easy get into the water pit and central hill, which can be easily exploited by beast.
26.02.2009, 14:17
hmm yes. quite good idea.
26.02.2009, 14:36
new version up :o
26.02.2009, 14:59
I haven't tried the map but I'm going to name a few exploits that need fixing if you haven't done so already.
- With a couple of leaps you can get on top of the central hill from the west end of the hill.
- You can enter the North-Mid waterfall by going through a rock in the NE corner next to the fence and also below that tree in the hill facing beast lair.
- You can enter the South-Mid waterfall by going behind a large tree in the SW corner.
- You can get on top of the hill behind human SH a bit north of the NPC at human base, where the stairs come down.
26.02.2009, 15:05
The rocks are OK. I can still get at the hill in middle and you should fix both sides of both base waterfalls, because now you can't get out (as human) if your once in the pit lol
26.02.2009, 15:11
gotta fix that right away lol.
26.02.2009, 15:41
New map up :s
26.02.2009, 15:55
This map is like a map of a sexy pro godlike mapmaker
26.02.2009, 15:58
Mid is OK now although it looks a bit ugly (:P). Beast waterfall is OK and human one is also good (you can still get in as beast and somehow not out)
26.02.2009, 16:08
I was able to get out :s

Same opinion here - looks abit weird but still better than any wall there

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Game plays15
Game draws1
Human wins9
Beast wins5
Avg. minutes12

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