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Submitted by NamedNubcake on 19.02.2021
DescriptionMap that aims to be balanced, yet asymmetrical, and also has a point of focus, the "fortress" in the south-east.

Being only half-decent at balancing any map (let alone an asymetrical one), if you try this and feel that something might be too human/beast oriented, please leave a comment.

10 December
- Fixed hill and grimm's wall glitches.
- Slightly better object placement and textures.
- Occluders fixed (I think)
- Added ambient sounds.

13 December
- Fixed ambient sound problem.

18 January
- WILL fix the problems that Sheepish mentioned when I'm bothered... am currently doing mapping for Team Fortress 2 so yeah, will take me a while to get back into Savage.
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
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Map Statistics
R. Mines9
G. Mines0

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12.12.2008, 10:02
Ambient sound problem solution.

Open the expunge.objpos file in expunge.s2z file:

- Search for these rows (sound objects) in objpos file:
(For example: createObject Birds_1 5369.0 4277.0 1.0 294.0 1.000 0.0 0.0 )
- MOVE all ambient sounds rows (for example Birds_1, Birds_2, Default_Wind, Monkit, Oschore, Insect_1, etc) onto the front of the objpos file.
12.12.2008, 15:03
ok I never would have thought that the position in the objpos file would make a difference like that. Thanks Attila.
12.12.2008, 15:15
With pleasure :D
The minimap is nice anyway. (I did not look at the map yet)
10.01.2009, 14:45
ok the map - some textures need fixing, and also make the occluders so that you cannot see the pink areas ( place them within the confines of the mountain )
19.02.2021, 22:47
this map looks pretty good, onlined for testing
19.02.2021, 22:51
*fixed exploits
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Human wins2
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