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Submitted by Slime on 23.07.2008
AuthorSlime and Travis II
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information[this map is not in the rotation]
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Map Statistics
R. Mines6
G. Mines0

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10.06.2008, 08:08
I've been testing map alot as you can see _1d lol on meatballs server but wanting to get it on the leet usa public asap if anyone could check it
03.07.2008, 21:46
why hasn't my map been checked :(
20.07.2008, 18:13
workers are not supposed to beable to do that.
Does it really need occluders there? map fps was fine except mid which i fixed.
minimap i suck at sorry i can't fix that if somone else wants to fix it please do. i found minimaps hardest to make :(.
oh and the mine i tried raising it then some of it wasn't touching the ground :P so it's fine
20.07.2008, 18:17
okay the occluders i am not good with so where should i put them at exactly.
20.07.2008, 18:18
Slime you know that you can change the tilt of objects using control and alt with right click? That way you can make objects flush with the ground, not having to lower them right down.
If you want a new mini I am happy to help, just let me know.
20.07.2008, 18:19
yea my minimap sucks aneurysm would you pretty please make a new one i would appreiate it alot :D
20.07.2008, 18:48
Also I just noticed as I was going over your map, that waterfall needs to be fixed dude, you need to either put a fence around it or alter the terrain so that players that fall in it can get back out. Id also put some rocks or something behind it so that it doesnt look like the waterfall just pours out from thin air.

20.07.2008, 19:32
Aneu: waterfall is fine. When looking in the editor I thought the same thing but there is collisions under the water rapids prop. So you walk on nothing basically. It doesn't look good however it isn't something to hold it from going online.

Slime: Occluders just need to go in mountains that have props behind them. From memory there was about 4 to put them in (could ask for someone to do them for you). That and get an accurate minimap and it can go online.
20.07.2008, 21:05
Slime your new mini is attached to a post i made in your durain thread in the forums mapping section.
20.07.2008, 21:37
jag i am sorry it's not that i don't want to i have no idea how occluders work i got lucky with those other 2 could somone do it please. i am just not that great at maps :(

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