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Why is Savage for the Mac different?

S2Games (the creators of Savage: The Battle for Newerth) created the game and published it for Windows and Linux. However, the Mac version of Savage was published by another company known as Virtual Programming Ltd. (VPLTD). Savage was not always freeware; it was sold in stores as well as online. Eventually, S2Games released Savage as freeware on Windows and Linux. However, since the Mac version was published by Virtual Programming, it was not released for free - gamers still had to pay to enjoy Savage on their Macs.

Eventually, without any public explanation, Virtual Programming removed Savage from their website. It is no longer available to buy for the Mac anywhere. Attempts to communicate with VPLTD have failed, and no other company is selling the product. Thus, Savage for the Mac is now considered to be ABANDONWARE. Hence, due to the difference in the history of the product, the download and installation of the game is also different.

Where can I download Savage for my Intel Mac?

Thanks to recent developments, you now have TWO choices of downloads.

If you would like to use Savage (SFE*), see the following linked topic.
Click here for Wraithe's intel Mac version of Savage SFE*.

If you would like to use Savage XR RC3, see the following linked topic.
Click here for Crawford's intel Mac version of Savage XR.

Where can I download Savage for my PPC Mac?

The first step is to download the retail version of Savage.
Download it now (HTTP/FTP).

Hold on! You're not done yet!

Savage has evolved a lot over the years, and thus you need to install some community patches before you can enjoy playing on the public servers. First, you'll need to download the 2.00E4 patch. Download it now. The installation is fairly simple.

Next, you'll need to install the SFE patch. Download it now. Unarchive the file. You should get a folder called SFE, which contains a lot of files.

Here's the "hardest" part:
  • Go to your Savage Application and right click on it(or control-click it).
  • Click Show Package Contents.
  • Open Contents Folder.
  • Open Resources Folder.
  • Open Game folder.
  • Now copy every single file that is in the SFE folder you dowloaded into the Game folder. Replace everything it asks you to replace.

Finally, you will have to download the SFE* patch to get clan icons and stats recording to function.

Unlocking the Abandonware

When you open up Savage, it will ask for a name and registration number. Once this window pops up, disable your internet connection. The easiest way to do this is to unplug your computer's ethernet cord, or to disconnect from any wireless connections through the Macintosh OS.

Type in a random name (the name doesn't matter, and you don't have to remember it) into the box. Use the registration number SAV0-00000-0000-0000.

After the game starts loading, reconnect your internet connection, and have fun playing Savage!

Note: This process may have adverse effects on accounts and other settings. Options may not save correctly, and you may be required to log in every time that you start the game.

Note: You may be required to disconnect your internet connection every time that you start Savage.

Open Savage and look at the upper right hand corner of the main menu. If it says SFE*, you're ready to go! If not, go back and make sure that you installed all three patches.

Side Effects, Mac Resources, and Tutorials

Installing Savage in this manner may have side effects on the game settings. There are also several parts of the game that behave differently on the Mac version than with the other versions. You can find tutorials and descriptions of these problems in the official Mac Savage FAQ thread. If you have any problems with this guide, register for a free account on the forums and post in this thread for assistance.


Newerth would like to extend thanks to Groentjuh for providing the retail version download, Eclipse for detecting and fixing a variety of bugs, and to Cutter for writing this guide and providing support for the Mac Savage community.
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