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NSL 7: Rules

#1. Teams:
  • Rosters must contain the nickname of the players and their Savage accounts.(also refer to rule #3).
  • Rosters must contain at least 8 players. There is no limit on the maximum number of players.
  • Rosters must provide a link to the clan icon which will be used in clan wars.
  • Rosters can be updated with new players that have never played in the current season NSL. Teams cannot field players that have already played in the current NSL season (i.e. for another clan) even if their original team withdraws from the competition.

#2. Players:
  • Team members have to sign-up for NSL themselves, in their respective teams' threads. Delegating the task of signing up to someone else is not allowed, therefore every player has to have a Newerth account.
  • Players that sign up must be part of the Roster for a minimum of 24 hours prior to the game, in order to be elegible to take part in the match.

#3. Proof of identity:
  • A single clan ID is allowed per team per season, therefore, all icons on each team must be the same.
  • Players have to use the icon/account and name they signed up for NSL with at the forum.
  • Prior or post-game disputes regarding the fielding of unregistered players are allowed.

#4. Match team size:
  • The minimum number of players per team in each match round: 6.
  • A team can still field as few as 5, but the other team is still entitled to field a full complement of 6 players.
  • Fielding 4 players or fewer results in a forfeit.
  • At any time, during the rounds, a team short on players may even up the numbers by bringing in new ones (except for those that have been replaced).

#5. Grace Periods:
  • Teams are allowed an extra 10 minutes after the agreed match time for late players to show up to the server.
  • Every team is allowed one restart per round. The sole exception is in case of server problems.
  • The restart (if desired) must be requested within 30 seconds of the start of the round - otherwise the match is live, with no turning back.

#6. Game Length:
  • Each game round lasts for up to 45 minutes.
  • If neither team manages to win before the 45 minutes mark, the round automatically ends.

#7. Games format:
  • Each game week will be played twice per map. Each team has to play one round as humans and one round as beasts.
  • The maps for the NSL season will be picked according to the NSL 7: Map Selection Process
  • Maps will be randomly assigned to the game weeks, and published before the competition kick-off.
  • All the matches have to be played on the same map each given week.

#8. Tiebreakers:
  • No tiebreakers, rescheduling or rematches are allowed in NSL.
  • Attempts to bully teams into complying with rematches in case of draws will be severely punished.

#9. Scheduling:
  • Everything must be officially scheduled on the special Newerth NSL page or on the Newerth Forum.
  • In case of a dispute about "who arranged and who didn't", the forum entry and NSL page will be used as evidence/reference.
  • If neither of the 2 teams schedules a game, both teams lose automatically.
  • If a team attempts to schedule and gets no response after the upcoming Sunday*, the team that doesn't attempt to schedule gets an instant loss, while the other gets an instant win.
  • Any time and day during the current competition week is eligible to be used for scheduling clanwars.
  • In case of failure to decide upon a game's time and date, the default time is 18 GMT, every Sunday.

#10. Withdrawing from NSL:
  • A team deciding it cannot continue the competition can withdraw from NSL anytime.
  • If that happens, they will be erased from the competition, their record wiped clean, and every other teams' results vs. the quitting team deleted.
  • Teams that were scheduled to play against the withdrawing team will be given 'bye' weeks.

#11. Scoring:
  • 2-0 wins score 3 points, 1-0 wins score 2 points, draws 1 point, and losses 0 points.
  • A results table will be drawn up and updated weekly.
  • Penalties resulting in points removal will be applied immediately.

#12. Ladder position:
  • The total number of accumulated points will take priority in determining league position.
  • The winner is the team that won the most points.
  • In case of ties, the second criteria in designating the order is the direct match between the tied teams.
  • If the direct match was a draw, tiebreakers will be allowed for determining the winner of shared places, at the end of the regular season.
  • Tiebreakers would be played on a map reserved for the tiebreaking week only, for a minimum of 1 game (2 rounds) and for as long as needed to determine a winner or one team decides to forfeit.
  • In the unlikely case of having 3 teams compete for a spot, there will be no deciding game, but using the total number of NSL rounds won as tiebreaker.

#13. Spectators:
  • No spectators are allowed, with the two following exceptions: shoutcasters and the Dispute Admin (Gridfon).
  • Shoutcasters may join ONLY if they have been given permission by BOTH clans to enter and shoutcast the game. Any shoutcasters MUST be muted.
  • The Dispute admin may enter the game ONLY if his presence is requested by a clan.

#14. Replacements:
  • Any player can be replaced by another registered team member at any time, regardless the reason. No need to prove disconnects etc.
  • Once a player got replaced, it is forbidden for that player to return, for the entire remaining match duration.
  • Comms cannot switch places with field players during the actual round.
  • Players dropping due to lags or RL problems is entirely their teams' responsibility. A team being unable to replace a lost player raises no obligation for the opponent team to do so voluntarily.
  • Unless a player has been replaced, he may return to the game he got disconnected from as soon as possible.

#15. Abuses:
  • If a server admin or referee abuses the powers they have on the ongoing match server, the clan that fields the abusive player shall be disqualified from the tournament.
  • Kicking or muting a player who was not invited along with moving AFK players to their teams does not constitute abuse.

#16. Disputes:
  • Teams wishing to file a dispute have to do so by starting a topic under the Disputes child board.
  • The dispute admin Gridfon will deal with any disputes.  He will not participate in the competition as a player and his ruling is the only one that matters. Consulting him prior to filing a dispute is fine.
  • Teams have to make sure they add evidence to support their arguments - i.e. a screenshots/demo.

#17. Exploiting:

  • Ranged Weapons: Exploiting in this manner, defined as shooting over "impassable" terrain with any ranged weapon, is illegal but allowing exception explained by the following cases.
         Clarification Examples:
  • Firing over "impassable" rigid terrain - Illegal
  • Firing across "impassable" large terrain formations such as mountains, that deny the other team the ability to counter it - Illegal
  • Firing along "impassable" foothills and mountain protuberances that only take a few seconds to walk around - Legal (example)
  • Firing over "passable" smaller props such as hills, short walls, buildings and bridges, which only takes a few seconds to walk around - Legal
  • Firing over "passable" tunnels and natural gates - Legal

  • Spawn Points: Exploiting in this manner is defined as placing a forward spawn point in such a way that it cheats over terrain or gives the offending team an unfair advantage of any type when they spawn.
         Clarification Examples:
  • Placing any building such that part of it covers a flag to the point where a player on the other team cannot "hit" the flag to capture it, hitting the building instead - Illegal
  • Completely surrounding a flag with buildings so it cannot be captured by the opposing team - Legal
  • Building a Garrison/Sub-lair so that its spawn point is on the opposite side of "impassable" terrain that the building is standing next to (Map props, Natural walls, Cliffs, etc.) - Illegal
  • Building a gate inside a Props formation which prevents players from seeing or destroying it - Illegal
  • Building a gate inside a closed area caused by the construction of the opposing team (e.g. A circle of factories) - Legal

  • Terrain: Exploiting in this manner is defined as moving over terrain glitches to reach areas that were clearly designed to be inaccessible. In addition to terrain glitches, "shimmying" (walking forward and repeatedly jumping to slowly climb upward) the junction of two buildings or a building and a prop such as a gate or fence to gain access to an otherwise restricted area is also defined as a terrain exploit.

  • Clipping: Hiding inside bugged map props or placing mines/sensors in these locations is forbidden. Such bad props are map objects appearing solid but having incorrectly defined collision boxes.

  • Grimm Walls: Ranged weapon exploits do not apply to Grimm walls; however spawn point exploits do apply.

#18. Commanders' spawning:
  • Commanders are allowed to spawn - but not with siege. If a team's commander does spawn with siege, the other team is given a forfeit win.
  • Elect votes are not allowed in order to get a player back into the commander seat after resigning.
  • No other player is allowed to take the commander's seat, unless the commander lags out. If the commander returns, he must retake the commander seat.
  • Covering up a commander siege spawn, an elect vote abuse or any exploits offers the basis for disqualifying the guilty team.

#19. Clan Sovereignty:
  • Clan Sovereignty no longer exists.
  • Clans are not allowed to change any NSL rules by prior or on the spot agreements.

#20. Official client/server versions:
  • The official client and server program is Savage XR 1.2.
  • In case a specially created Competitive Edition client program of Savage XR 1.2 will be produced and announced, no other clients will be allowed.
  • All Hacks and Cheats are forbidden. The players caught using such unfair advantages will be eliminated from the competition. Further penalties may be decided by the Clans Quorum.

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