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Savage XR Downloads: Sweet v9.2 SFE* compat
File Details:
Fixed the dum blank chat, and the animations..
Yea sorry :| you will need to delete any of my old sav/guiX.s2z's
Also fixed the problem with the ping, in userlist.

footy is a must see :P

Added By:
Sweet! on April 04, 2008, 01:45:01 am

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Posted By Mendo 24-03-2009
presets dont work :(
Posted By Mendo 22-03-2009
this mod fixes dissapearing unit and sound going crap bug, dont know how though
Posted By Gravedigger 07-08-2008
how do i install it?
Posted By Trigardon 15-04-2008
clientside I think
Posted By Django 06-04-2008
is this a server side mod or client side mod? :/
Posted By $hagrock 05-04-2008
ty sweet for fixing my mod ;)
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