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Savage XR Downloads: Savage Server Remote Controller
File Details:
A tool to configure your server without needing to be on it.
Written in VB.NET


- Fetches Server Values from a connected Savage Server
- Updates Server Values of a connected Savage Server
- Shows Information about each Server Variable when hovering over its name
- Saves connection info in a file, so there is no need to re-type your connection info each time you start the program
- Console Feature to execute any command you like (with auto-scrolling)
- You can use the setsave-flag when you want a command to be used for a longer time
- Playerlist which fetches all players from a server + can kick each of them, also with a defined reason
- Make your server a duel mode with just one click

Latest Version: 3.0

Edit: Feel free to comment
Added By:
No0oB on October 31, 2007, 06:37:38 pm

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Posted By Bullet 01-01-2011
is this thing up do date with the updated xr ? :)
Posted By No0oB 13-12-2008
I made this application and I have to apologize for lacking mac support.
I'm going to be honest with you. I do not have the knowledge of transforming this into a mac application.
If anyone of you has that knowledge, feel free to contact me so we can bring it to the people, who think they're hated ;)
Posted By 07-09-2008
I feel like im hated on savage.
Newerth has failed to make the latest SFE* patch for mac and now the remote controller is not for mac either.
My server is now out of date because i want to still be able to play on it.

However, good on , way to make a contributing app for savage.
Posted By Dark Prince 26-05-2008
Please mac users to
Posted By ŤЊέ Đąŕĸ Őŋę 24-11-2007
i hope you updated it for LAN usage
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