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Savage XR Downloads: Savage XR OSX 1.0 Client
File Details:
The MacOS X 1.0 Client for Savage XR! Download and double click the file to install.

If you're completely new to Savage you may consider joining the weekly Savage Beginner Evenings: [LINK]

Please post all bugs you find at the forums at [LINK] and on our Bug Tracker at [LINK] .
There is currently a few problems we are working on fixing:

1) Broken Textures on very old graphics cards.
2) Presets don't seem to be working
3) Some people have been unable to connect to a server because the map is downloading improperly.

With "OS X Mavericks 10.9" there are some permissions issues. Please read the following post to fix this: [LINK]

We hope to have these fixed as soon as possible.

Enjoy! :)

Added By:
Django on June 24, 2010, 03:20:20 am

Please select a geographic location near to where you live to download the file at the fastest possible speed:

Posted By DogTheBountyHunter 05-01-2017
The SHA256 checksum for xr_setup-1.0-cl_osx_prod.dmg is:
Posted By Seanimus 20-03-2016
same problem here, running mac os 10.11.3 and install went okay but it unepectedly quits on startup
Posted By Lord0Viper 18-08-2014
This doesnt seem to work for me.
Posted By Cercopes 17-06-2013
Bump. Can't initiate app either. "Unexpectedly quit" upon startup.
Posted By Dominican1000 23-02-2013
Been having trouble with Mac OS initiating this.
Posted By Django 24-09-2012
Installer has been updated to version 1.0!
Posted By sandoq 21-08-2011

Posted By HIHIHIHI254 17-07-2011
Posted By vice538 11-03-2011
:( no aus selection
Posted By Musicvilla 04-01-2011
I can post here
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Posted by Groentjuh
A patch will follow really soon. (Already available for Windows)

The master server is back online.

A certain server, which recently appeared, had an excessively long colorful server name. This caused the in-game serverlist to crash.

Congrats, nobody did that in over 15 years!
Posted by Groentjuh
We are aware of some issues in the in-game serverlist. We are working on a fix and patches should be available as soon as possible.

The master server is currently unavailable.
Posted by mutan
Posted by SavageBeard
Howdy people
Posted by d00mer
I saw it as clearly as I can see you now, Guest! Today is the day of mass invasion of players. It will start at 16:43:15 UTC. You have to help your side. Ophelia and Jaraziah count on you, Guest!
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