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Savage XR Downloads: Savage XR Linux 1.0 Client
File Details:
The Linux 1.0 Client for Savage XR! Download and double click the file to install.

If you're completely new to Savage you may consider joining the weekly Savage Beginner Evenings: [LINK]

Please post all bugs you find at the forums at [LINK] and on our Bug Tracker at [LINK]

There is currently one major issue we are working on fixing:

1) Broken Textures on very old graphics cards.

We hope to have this fixed as soon as possible.

Please Note: Ubuntu 64bit users will need to install the packages:


Enjoy! :)
Added By:
Django on December 25, 2009, 06:18:01 am

Please select a geographic location near to where you live to download the file at the fastest possible speed:

Posted By DogTheBountyHunter 27-11-2014
Ubuntu users, the instructions above to install ia32-libs and lib32nss-mdns are for older versions of Ubuntu. If you're using a recent version of Ubuntu like 14.04 LTS, 13.10, or later, then follow this guide to install Savage XR: [LINK]
Posted By M3TA4dotNET 24-08-2014
does the work under debian wheezy 64bit?

Posted By Krelian 18-10-2013
if i have opensuse 64bit system, is it possible to make it work?:)
Posted By Vayden 06-09-2013
I set the bin file to be executable but it when I double click it it still won't run help plz?
Posted By RabbitInWhite 17-09-2012
@.@ its on
Posted By Django 17-09-2012
Installer has been updated to version 1.0!
Posted By siolux8 27-07-2012
Ok people? how can i get a working donlowad ticket here ?
Posted By artlaber 16-01-2012
Mooseeeeey, I'm playing on kubuntu 11.10 with my Geforce 310M and it worked fine, till the update
Posted By Django 17-08-2011
Don't forget to chmod the binary before you try and run it!
Posted By damiangolik 09-06-2011
i cant installl the game
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