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Footy XR Remake
June 16, 2018, 07:15:36 pm by Hakugei

Hello once again fellow Newerthian Savages.

I've recently decided to attempt remaking the ancient Footy (Football) mode, or at least something of similar experience with better functional XR integrity. However, this mode (even more than the others) would greatly benefit from community feedback to shape it in your own wishes.

For now, there are two Teams (Human and Beast).
All non-siege Units are unlocked (free), all Items are unlocked (standard costs), no Weapons, and both sides have Rabid and Leap (might change Human back to block, though).
Attacking the Ball/Boulder shoots it forward.
Using damage-based items (like Disruptor or Fireward) also shoots it forward.
Killing is currently enabled; take out opponents before dribbling up the field!
Unit and Item balance is identical to that of standard Savage.
So Lego & Pred have more Health, more melee range, but attack slower.
While Nomad & Scav have less Health, less melee range, but have speedier attacks to quickly steal the ball.
The Ball resets back into the middle if untouched for 30 seconds.
((Should hitting the Ball grant Stamina?))

This remade mode will be entering the testing phase soon, before hitting the servers officially.
During said testing phase, and even after, I'd welcome feedback and critique to help with adjusting/fixing anything as necessary.

// Footy rules
set sv_useCommanders 0
set sv_teamDamage 0
set world_enableBulletPhysics 1
set sv_FOOTYballpushmult 150
set sv_fraglimit 5
set sv_damagePushScale 1.0
set sv_maxPush 1000
set sv_autojoin 1
set g_allunitsavailable 1
set g_allweaponsavailable 1
set sv_xp_kill_player 100
set sv_xp_survival_interval 1000

// other server settings
set sv_team1race human
set sv_team2race beast
set sv_allowEnemySameIP 1
set sv_balanceLenience 100

Map's config_server.cfg
//This script will execute each time servers reloads the map
set ballresetx 3123
set ballresety 3196
set gs_transmit1 0
set gs_transmit2 0

And aabox trigger for each goal:
trigSetControl obj_dynamic onEnter
!exec null "svchat ^yGgggg^gOOOOOOoooo^bAAAAAAaaaa^rLLLLLllll!!!!"
!exec null "svchat ^090Team2 has scored!"
!exec null "inc gs_transmit2 1"
!exec null "svchat ^009#gs_transmit1# ^y: ^090#gs_transmit2#"
!teleport target coords #ballresetx# #ballresety# 200
!exec null "givemoney"

Valid Maps (at this point):
  • footy_test

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New XR Infect Tag gamemode
June 12, 2018, 08:01:33 pm by Hakugei

Hello again fellow Newerthian Savages.

I've recently decided to create some new prefix gamemodes for the community for whenever they feel like having a short break from the overbearing and hectic Savage experience.
To that end, today I introduce XR Infect Tag (name pending).
Everyone knows what Tag (aka "IT") is from their childhood and school days, and this mode is merely a simple variant.

Everyone joins Team1 (Human) and spawns as a Nomad.
Once the match has started, 10 seconds after a pseudo-randomly chosen player gets to start off on Team2 as a Predator.
The goal of the game is to either survive the time limit on Team1 while Team2 tries to slaughter them all.
When a Predator kills a Nomad, that player is switched to Team2 and is now part of the hunters.

The defenseless Nomads automatically spawn with a specific set of inventory to help run away or survive.
Melee Weapons, Boomerang, Medkit, Imoilizer, Camouflage, and a single Motion Sensor.
Apart from the Boomerang and Motion Sensor, which have limited ammo, the other items cost Mana to use.
Mana automatically replenishes by 1 every second up to a max of 10 - so use your Mana wisely!
NPCs around the map also drop ammo and mana refills.

The Predators spawn with just Rabid, but can pick up new weapons by killing NPCs that are spread around the map.
  • Oschore - grants Blaze
  • Monkit - grants Lightning
  • Bearloth - grants Tempest
  • Mudent - grants Carnivorous Melee
  • Zizard - grants Venomous Melee
  • Gerkat - grants Rabid Melee
  • All other Units - grant nothing, but can be used for goodies and Melee bonuses
They also gain new items and abilities for each kill they accumulate.
  • First kill - Sixth Sense
  • Each kill after first - 1 Mist Shroud
  • Each kill after second - 1 Snare
  • Each kill after third - 1 Fireward

This new mode will be entering the testing phase soon, before hitting the servers officially.
During said testing phase, and even after, I'd welcome feedback and critique to help with adjusting/fixing anything as necessary.

// Infect rules
set sv_useCommanders 0
set sv_DMflagspawnarea 1000
set sv_teamDamage 0
set sv_teamDamagePercent 50
set sv_goodieAmmoChance 2
set sv_respawnNPCInterval 1000
set sv_forceTeam 1
set sv_autojoin 0
set sv_INFECTfirstkill "beast_tracking_sense"
set sv_INFECTfirstslot 5
set sv_INFECTafterone "beast_camouflage"
set sv_INFECTafteroneslot 3
set sv_INFECTaftertwo "beast_snare"
set sv_INFECTaftertwoslot 2
set sv_INFECTafterthree "beast_fire_trap"
set sv_INFECTafterthreeslot 4

// other server settings
set sv_team1race human
set sv_team2race beast
set sv_allowEnemySameIP 1
set sv_balanceLenience 100

Valid Maps (at this point):
  • infect_skull

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Classic DeathMatch Revival
June 10, 2018, 11:27:27 pm by Hakugei

Hello fellow Newerthian Savages.

As some may have noticed, the classic DM mod has stopped working a long time ago, and I've been attempting to fix it.
Since I've only taken a gander at it back in the day, my knowledge of this mode is limited.
Fortunately, I've been pointed at Deathmatch Mapping and DM Cup Info and Rules threads to read up on at least parts of the DM gamemode. I've tried to recreate it accordingly, with minor adjustments.

Classic DM will be entering the testing phase soon, before hitting the servers officially.
During said testing phase, and even after, I'd welcome feedback and veteran DM players' help in adjusting/fixing anything that is too different to the original.

Thereafter, we can even consider making an entirely new DM mode according to the community's ideas and wishes, unrelated to this one.

Current rules of the classic DM mode:
  • Only one Team, but both Races.
  • Free-For-All, no allies
  • You gain points for killing other players
    • 1 point for being two tiers higher (e.g. Predator vs Nomad)
    • 2 points for being one tier higher (e.g. Savage vs Nomad)
    • 3 points for being the same tier (e.g. Savage vs Stalker)
    • 4 points for being one tier lower (e.g. Scavenger vs Stalker)
    • 5 points for being two tiers lower (e.g. Scavenger vs Legionnaire)
  • The Match ends when someone has reached 30 points
  • You spawn as Scavenger
  • To change Unit, kill an idle NPC around the map corresponding to the Unit you wish to be
    • Available Units are: Nomad (Tier1), Scavenger (Tier1), Savage (Tier2), Stalker (Tier2), Legionnaire (Tier3), Predator (Tier3), Chaplain (Tier1), Shaman (Tier1)
    • Killing normal creep NPCs (like monkits) does not change you into a monkit
  • Every Unit has an own automatic Loadout
    • Scavenger - Rabid, Frenzy, Snare
    • Stalker - Rabid, Frenzy, Mist Shroud
    • Predator - Rabid
    • Shaman - Frostbolts, Frenzy, Snare
    • Nomad - Scattergun, Medkit, Disruptor
    • Savage - Discharger, Medkit, Imobilizer
    • Legionnaire - Fluxgun, Medkit
    • Chaplain - Mortar, Potion, Imobilizer
  • Items and Buffs gained in empty slots are kept even after changing to a new Unit or Race
  • Creep NPCs are also available for slaughter arond the map, however instead of turning you into those creatures, they grant special items and buffs instead
    • Chiprel - heal 50, and grants Human Units a 2 second Adrenaline buff, while Beast Units gain the opportunity of killing them with Melee
    • Oschore - grants Human Units a Fluxgun with 250 ammo, while granting Beast Units a Frenzy item
    • Monkit - grants Human Units a Pulsegun with 25 ammo, while granting Beast Units a Storm Shield item
    • Bearloth - grants Human Units a Coilrifle with 11 ammo, while granting Beast Units a Tempest Weapon with full Mana
    • Mudent - grants Human Units a Launcher with 10 ammo, while granting Beast Units Carnivorous Melee
    • Zizard - grants Human Units a Crossbow with 15 ammo, while granting Beast Units Venomous Melee
    • Gerkat - grants Human Units an Electrify buff for 30 seconds, while granting Beast Units Mist Shroud for 20 seconds
  • Goodies drop as well
    • Health Vials - heal 50
    • Mana Crystals - replenish mana & ammo
  • Maps must contain a single spawnflag, and random spawns are created in an area around the flag's position for the match
  • Maps contain no Buildings, but Items and Units are encouraged

// physics
set p_speed 2.8
set p_groundfriction 10
set p_friction 1
set p_gravity 1

// DM rules
set sv_fraglimit 30
set sv_fragRule 1
set sv_DMflagspawnarea 1000
set sv_teamDamage 1
set sv_teamDamagePercent 100
set sv_goodieAmmoChance 2
set sv_respawnNPCInterval 1000

// other server settings
set sv_team1race beast
set sv_team2race beast
set sv_team3race beast
set sv_team4race beast
set sv_team5race beast
set sv_team6race beast
set sv_team7race beast
set sv_team8race beast
set sv_allowEnemySameIP 1
set sv_balanceLenience 100

Valid Maps (at this point):
  • dm_skull
  • dm_spero
  • dm_coliseum

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Savage XR 1.4
June 01, 2018, 07:46:45 pm by Daemon

Fixes and new features:

-Ray/beam origin point: some ray weapons (sham shield, chap heal etc) were missing an important bone (_boneMuzzle), which made it so that silverback would get confused and start drawing the beam right at the unit’s origin (parent bone, Bip01). Hell if anyone knew that.
-Work animations: Removed from scavenger and nomad, on account of being fugly. And that’s coming from their creator. Weapons are still being replaced with tools while in work mode.
-Because of new GS features (like +/-siege flag), human vehicles are now exempt from the effects of chaplains’ bonus auras, as it was only intended for tight groups of foot units, and not boosting siege camping even more.
-Siege units sprint ability has been reverted. Units that still had this feature: ballista, summoner.
-Nanaa’s Minimap commander and officer order icons flag mod had been included in XR (30% transparency). This helps with being able to see units and buildings on the minimap, previously masked by the waving flags.
-Boomerang and skulls damage has been reduced to: 40 to buildings, 60 to units, 80 to siege. For whomever uses them :).
-Fixed a bug introduced in the last patch, which caused the Balloon to eject unlimited workers, beyond the worker limit. Thanks for abusing it only reasonably :P.
-Restored the revive effect for human units that were missing it (and a bunch of other smaller things): legionnaire, savage.
-Volume of the feedback sound that plays when the shaman locks shield on a target reduced to 1/3.

I’ve also noticed something that was visually bothering me for a long time now, but i didn’t fix it :). Since it’s one of those life and death matters (shaman skin), it needs discussing first :). For some reason and don’t know exactly since when but it must have been a long time ago, the shaman team1 and team2 skins are switched. The blue beast team (t2) has all units wearing blue garments, except for the shaman that’s wearing brown. Conversely, the brown team has a blue shaman. It’s annoying!


Yes, the mighty Jeraziah and his empathic, animal lover sister that came back with a vengeance, Ophelia, are now available to join the fight in the area that the needy commanders deem their presence useful in breaking deadlocks.

They have been in the works for a little more than 18 months, delayed by other patches, real life, GameScript shortcomings, sheer difficulty of making immersing, consistent skills and animations (especially on melee), gameplay decisions, lack of mass testing conditions. As such, it seems there’s no more polish or balancing that can be done without real game testing. So there we go:

Both leaders are meant to be support units which compensate for some racial shortcomings, without the side effect of leveling out the tech, tactics or racial features. Their skills focus on things and strategies that their respective teams already employ, but adding a layer of teamwork and co-ordination without which THEY DO NOT MATTER. Being that there’s only one of them in each team, their impact in back-to-back fighting is negligeable, if not downright negative. So use them to pull great moves, not to mow your way to the other base - you’ll fail! Besides not carrying, they require skilled players to be effective; they are not meant to be easy or to be able to turn the tides of battle anywhere they show up.Their skills are quite hard to use, they require large amounts of mana, have long cooldown times, quite short ranges and all in all, it exposes them as they need to be in the thick of it - and live to tell the tale.

They are officer-only units. This means that when in loadout, a separate box is visible for officers, and only when the unit is available (researched and not taken). They are tier 3 units, researched at the Stronghold/Lair, requiring the Predator/Lego to be reserched first. They research cost is 1500 stone and 3000 gold, and their reasearch time is 90s. The gold cost for players is 10K. Of course, all of these values are subject to tweaking, revisiting, after proper testing.

Both of them have passive skill leader auras (has the same range as the officer aura). These aura halve the damage received by allies in range from enemy siege units, and offer a small 5% travel speed bonus. They are NOT stackable with the officer bonus, but it does carry over the officer health regen bonus. And though in terms of gameplay and racial consistency the rest of their skills are not symmetrical, their sets are similar: a melee weapon, a main ranged weapon, a special 2nd weapon, a static AOE team enhancing skill and a semi mobile AOE team skill and finally, an effect they lay on their allies around them when they die. Among these abilities, both have a way to debuff the enemies (their beneficial spells). Asymmetrical as well :).


He is a leader, a warrior, a healer – a paladin. The Sun is where he draws his power. The light and the fire are present in every skill he has. His absolute goal and use is pushing and establishing footholds close to enemy bases and capture flags, being able to block massive amounts of damage from Beast siege units camping spawnpoints. He starts with 600 hp.

0. Leader Aura (passive)
   -Siege damage halving
   -5% travel speed bonus
   -Officer-like hp regen

1. Sword & Shield
   -Melee attack with 4 fast hits combo,  Lego-like range
   -Damage 180 to units, buildings and siege
   -Block power: 95% damage ignored

2. Searing Light
   -Primary ranged weapon: 5 mana/shot, 1 shot/s, 90m range, 1500 velocity
   -150 dmg to units/siege/buildings
   -Heals 150 hp to the allies it hits
   -With each successful hit, Searing Light also heals Jeraziah for 150 hp

3. Sun's Blessing
   -Plants a banner where the Sun bestows a blessing that revives dead allies
   -Costs 45 mana, has 45s recharge time, lasts 10s, has 250 hp, 18m range
   -Human allies in range get a mana regen bonus while the banner is up.

4. Incandescence
   -A ripple of fire that deals radius damage (like mines/demo) to enemies around Jeraziah
   -Removes beneficial buffs/spells (state slots 0, 6, 8, which is pretty much everything not passive)
   -Costs 60 mana, has 60s recharge time, 13m max range, 5s duration
5.  Solar Avatar
   -Mass armor team buff, similar to HoN ultimate
   -Allies around Jeraziah at the time of casting get 50% damage reduction
   -Costs 30 mana, has 30s recharge time, 18m range, 10s duration

X. Death effect
   -Mass heal within 15m range, 200 hp to allied units/npc


Frail little thing, but what she lacks in strength, makes up in looks. She became an expert of manipulating the magic elements that the Beasts shamans have been using for ages, pushing their effects to impressive results. Her endgame is her shield reduction skill, and everything she and her team should do is towards that end: Ophelia in range of enemy buildings. She starts with 450 hp.

1. Claw Katar:
   -A vicious one but still, a lady’s weapon
   -2 hits melee combo, 100 dmg/hit
   -Her first hand knowledge of humans and the time she spent in the company of beasts gave her an unconventional fighting style, with unblockable, though relatively low damage attacks

2. Orb of Decay
   -Primary ranged attack: 150 dmg, 6 mana, 900ms cooldown, 100m range, 1500 velocity
   -A special Entropy magic projectile that completely ignores the surroundings in search of its target, passing through absolutely any obstacle, terrain feature, creature or structure and only damages Ophelia’s enemies

3. Torch
   -Secondary ranged attack, beam type: 12 mana/s, a sustained attack lasts 7s with full mana, 100m range
   -Ophelia uses her destructive fire magic abilities to project a combustible stream of energy that interferes with the magnetic protective effects that buildings receive from a nearby shield tower, halving building armor
4. Mana Beacon
   -Ophelia is able to materialize pockets of mana and cause large crystals to appear. These crystals release smaller shards of pickable mana crystals, for her or any other nearby beasts to use to replenish theirs
   -Within a 18m range, the Mana Beacon acts as an magical energy dampening field, preventing the enemy from employing any beneficial buffs
   -While in range of the crystal, the mana vortex gives Ophelia a Mana Shield that greatly increases her health regeneration rate/amount and acts as extra HP in case she is taking damage.
   -45 mana, 45s cooldown

5. Portal
   -Manipulating subtle strata magic, Ophelia opens a conduit through which beasts can travel back to Lair
   -While channeling this spell, Ophelia is static and vulnerable, as she only teleports herself back to her base after the spell completes
   -60 mana, 60s cooldown, 120m radius around her

X. Death effect
   -A sudden burst of energy is released, turning foot units around her invisible for 5 seconds.

PLEASE help us hone their skills by providing documented and objective feedback. We have every intention to work towards the point where these brand new units evolve into a powerful and balanced feature of Savage XR.

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XR Last pre-1.4 Patch
February 25, 2018, 11:53:38 pm by Tjens

Savage XR 1.4 patch is right around the corner, and with it, the introduction of the long lost heroes, Ophelia and Jeraziah. Based on player feedback, there has been given a look towards balancing the gameplay of the new XR additions and tweaking some old time issues like Sac rushes and Chaplain survivability! What everything boils down to is that the new beast tech (Burrow/Enchanted Burrow, Conflux, Guardian) is more suited to race tactics and being used a whole lot more than their human counterparts.

Outposts and Burrows
Magnetic Outposts were mostly used as back entrances inside sealed tech/shield encampments, and not as a special rush spawn point, as the Enchanted Burrow was. Their resilience had to be improved, but doing so without upsetting the hitpoints balance that ALL spawnpoints do, across both races. So the upgraded Outposts shield themselves in addition to other buildings, which makes them worthwhile standalone, front line bases! In slight compensation, because they do not need it, Enchanted Burrows now inflict mild thorn damage when attacked by melee, which stacks up faster the weaker and more frequent the attacks. In order to give a fighting chance to humans having their backdoor burrow'ed, while aiming at keeping values consistent, both the Horde's and the Legion's frontline buildings now have less health in their initial, not upgraded, cut off from the network forms. Their build/upgrade time and costs has been slightly increased, for both stages.

Helpers (Balloons, Mobile spawn points)
You now know where the H minimap icon comes from! Conflux and Transport now cost less gold to produce, as we don't all have Bistro on our team to cover it's previous huge costs. In addition, both have their health increased, but more on the human side, since the Bus was kind of too susceptible to sacs.
The gas filled vehicles, renamed to the obvious Balloon designation, now pack a heftier punch, as succeeding to kill them in melee range will punish anyone within a small radius. Stay safe!

This patch is also a huge come-up for Chaplain players, as their survivability has been increased by making their Cure skill self-healing. The link they establish between themselves and their patients is symbiotic, Chaps being able to heal some of their own damage in the process. In order to be effective in the field, Chaps in pairs should not be that needed anymore. Their potions also give slightly increased ranged (energy) protection and movement speed for human groups, so you'll be even more useful as Chap!

You know these Altars and Ammo/Health caches that get dropped by Balloons and Guardians? They act like batteris, giving back their powerup energy cost back to the team when they get destroyed. This is nifty because now you can actually use them without taking away buffs from players, or saving energy for dark times. In addition, they now store a little energy themselves, raising the team pool limits a little, even without the presence of additional tech buildings.

Sacrifice and Firewards
Sacrifice and Firewards have been switched back around, as a lot of positive feedback has been given to this change. This will push Sac rushes viability window a bit later in the game, probably leading to less early rushes and more balanced and thorough matches.

Chaos Bolt
Last but not least Chaos Bolt finally lives up to it's name. It's been given a unique ability which allows it, after making a successful strike, to perpetuate towards four other enemies in range. These new bolts deal less damage and have slower speed than their original shot, but when summed up, they cause an additional 200x damage - if all were to hit their marks.


Let us know what you like about these changes, as any feedback is always hugely appreciated!

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Hello, brother!
July 15, 2017, 11:03:27 pm by Daemon

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Savage's 12th Anniversary
September 09, 2015, 11:32:58 pm by Daemon

It is that time again, when delusional devs foolishly expect everything to go smoothly and nothing to ever need fixing again: the annual patch. It's always a great opportunity. Everything that should have been done months ago is now "intentionally" released right in time for yet another anniversary.

It's incredible, but here we are. Savage is 12 years old and outlived its younger brother though its successor, the Savage XR Newerth community mod, which conveniently and fittingly got its 1.2 version to crown the improvements made since 1.1.

The number of changes in the current content patch isn't exactly large, but they took quite some time to complete. As voted by 74% of the users that answered this poll, new content is something most remaining players welcome, so there it is:

  • 113 new rock props have been added. Map makers that are willing to revisit their maps can make use of the newly found diversity and replace some of the overused monoliths and pillars with new rocks and rock formations.
  • The Autominer Tjens designed is now included as claimable map prop. The Redstone Autominer provides 12K stone until self destruct, and the Gold Autominer 100K gold. Although the actual resource generating rates can be changed, the GameScript system currently forbids a proper synchronization between the rate the mines get depleted and the resource-per-second given. Therefore, even though subject to further tweaking based on community feedback, the current values are a rare time/resouces/life match that works, which had to be set manually after many failed attempts.
  • The standard Gold and Redstone mine models have been given new and more accurate collision boxes that should improve powermining quite a bit since the garrisons and sublairs can now be place more precisely in relation to the mines.
  • Crashday's cool new Simple HUD is now included and selectable in Options/Game. Thanks for the time and the effort you've put into this, Crash!
  • MacOSX users should be able to hear ingame music once again. Thanks to Rostner for reporting the bug.
  • The 2 new worker-type NPCs, the Guardian and the Transport, are now transplanted into the standard mod. As well as with the Autominers that automate resource collection, they aim at helping the comms deal with low player numbers and give them a more active support role. More on their particular set of skills in a later post but just in case anybody wonders, they've been discussed with, tested and okayed by prominent comms, admins and members of the community. Again, as with everything new, they can and will be tweaked as per pertinent community input.

WARNING: Until servers update too, there WILL be version compatibility problems with the updated clients and weird stuff WILL happen (like comms being unable to research stuff). Hotfixes may also be issued leading to multiple updates.

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AUTH server news
September 30, 2014, 08:56:41 pm by Daemon


As you probably know, a few days ago there was a rather large scale incident involving ingame accounts being abused by a hacker who obtained access to their passwords. In order to minimize the effects and to give us the time to find out what vulnerability was exploited by this Nolifer, we had to shut down the authentication server. Therefore, there are no ingame icons and no clan operations can be performed.

We've investigated pretty much every lead we had and tested every theory floating around. From the newly disclosed shell-shock exploit to db injection, from simply guessing passwords to the hypothesis that a Newerth admin with a grudge went berserk and used his access level to wreck havoc. Sadly, there's no hard evidence to support this theory at this time :).

What we did find is that plenty players who registered on various clan forums use the same password for their ingame accounts. Stupid, right? Because not all forum software stores encrypted passwords. I bet it's the same password they use with their credit card security or their yahoo accounts! Not that hashed passwords would be full-proof but we have strong indications that the eXp clan forums store user passwords in a human-readable plaintext format. Plenty leads point to this forum or others just like it as the most likely means for the Nolifer to gain access to the ingame accounts. It might not be with the forum owners' consent, but it also came to our attention that exactly some of those that cried over hijacked accounts first, were actually playing the same tricks themselves, before. Sorry to see your accounts go!

So we're going to fire-up auth in a read-only mode as far as clans are concerned. That will prevent clans being wiped out or getting random players invited. In the meanwhile, a bunch of devs took the bull by the horns and are working on completing and securing Mohican's new Python authentication server with state of the art encryption algorithms and multi-layer protection. It's hard to tell when this undertaking will be completed but hopefully, it will be before lunch.

Thank you.

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