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XBuffy - Unbreakable1777217May 28, 2007, 04:19:47 am by McNasty
XTweety1763197May 07, 2007, 01:49:50 pm by
XMy best game yet (reuploaded)1836262April 29, 2007, 04:53:47 am by pingu
Xnice game...1754216April 22, 2007, 08:48:12 pm by
Xnice come back (human)2013223April 19, 2007, 12:48:16 pm by merc1less
XTrigardon as Comm PART 21954194April 04, 2007, 06:16:30 pm by Trigardon
XTrigardon as Comm PART 12008225April 04, 2007, 06:09:12 pm by Trigardon
XFinishing on 100 kills (Human)2014302April 03, 2007, 09:28:56 am by Django
XThe Savage Frogs vs PwD2834329March 24, 2007, 04:56:06 pm by The Hungry Predator
XJaguar as Human Dueling2100252March 23, 2007, 11:06:10 am by
What are Demos?
Savage Demos are a special file that you can download and place in your Savage/game/demo folder that allow you to play back games that you or someone else has played. Use the Demo button in the main menu to load one and the cursor keys to rewind and fastforward.
How do I record and upload a Demo?
You can record demos by selecting the "Auto Record Demos" box in the Savage "Game" Options. To upload a demo use the "ADD FILE" button above and navigate to your demo folder, for example savage/game/demos, and then select the demo you would like to upload. Please DO NOT rename your demo files when uploading, because information contained in the filename is used by the demo section.
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