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Viewing Wish #76: Make Savage Noob friendly
Category Savage Client Posted By Last Updated Aug 17, 2011
Assigned to Not Assigned Status New
Description After helping some new players out, i think a priority of XR should be to make the game more noobfriendly, because it's rather confusing for new people now. Here are some suggestions:

- Noobs sometimes end up on duel server, they see players attack npcs (legionnaires, savages,..), they don't find it fun and they leave the game. Get a character in the center of those npcs with an exclamation point which they can talk to. This NPC then talks and plays some youtube videos with explanations on how to do some beast moves.

- add a help icon to the GUI which can always be  clicked. Integrate this help function with the newerth wiki, so new people can always access the guide without having to look to far.

- give a glowing effect to the tutorial icon at startup as long as the client user hasn't completed the tutorial.

- teacher-pupil system (from the MMORPG's). Give     veterans the possibility to make a band with a noob to make the commitment to train him and help him out. When they have this bond the pupil can easily track down the master/teacher with highlighting him in lists. The teacher will be awarded with some points when the pupil reached a certain level. For example the points for custom items.

I hope you like at least one idea. Nice work on the development!

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