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Viewing Wish #32: Multiperson Vehicles
Category Savage Client Posted By JmZ Last Updated Nov 25, 2008
Assigned to Not Assigned Status New
Description Nobody taking interest so here it is rewritten:

This would be a really, really good but hard-to-code feature as it would open lots of possibilities.

Basically, the idea is to add a multi-person vehicle (a unit). To do this though, it means also creating a unit which you can enter then exit.

Doing so would allow the creation of things such as:
- "Drivable" units (you spawn as it, drive it, eject, leave it, come back, re-enter it)
- Portable med center/vehicle (sit in it for hp, one player can drive it like above)
- Portable ammo vehicle (same as above)
- Movable towers
- APC (Unit transport vehicle)
- Portable loadout vehicle (basically a moveable, low HP garrison/sublair)

By making the unit re-enterable and ejectable, it would mean that the driver wouldn't have to get bored sitting in an unused vehicle.

Also, this would then mean that a feature would have to be added which allows the "vehicle" to be left and entered by another person (other than the person who spawned with it).

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Newerth Council

on 2008-11-04 18:13:07

human bus human bus Cheesy
Teh JmZ
Gameserver Administrator

on 2008-11-04 19:01:26

lol it would be a nice feature though
especially considering we already have a bus! Cheesy (but no actual code for it to carry more than 1 person)

on 2008-11-25 11:31:26

Carjacked! as in UT3 Cheesy
Newerth Donator

on 2009-01-13 20:44:54

y not have it open backed liek i sugested by me in the tombstone tech tree, that way people could walk in and out as they will + not alot of extra coding
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