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Viewing Wish #28: Item activation binds
Category Savage Client Posted By Irwin1138 Last Updated Oct 21, 2008
Assigned to Not Assigned Status New
Description Since there are lots of custom-made scripts for binding the items to certain keys, I thought that this should be one of the default features of Savage XR.

Since we have the source code we are not limited by scripts. A convenient way to assign items to certain keys in loadout (and of course a possibility to alter those certain keys) and activating them ingame will make it much easier to operate with items.

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I make maps and stuff
XR Map Administrator

on 2009-01-31 13:02:27

// Instant Item Usage
bind 3 "invswitch 2; button1 1;"
bindup 3 "button1 0; invswitch 0;"
bind 4 "invswitch 3; button1 1;"
bindup 4 "button1 0; invswitch 0;"
bind 5 "invswitch 4; button1 1;"
bindup 5 "button1 0; invswitch 0;"

Works really well for me, although you'll manually have to swich back to your weapons/other items again. Item usage without havign to go to the item "stance" would be desireble.
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