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Viewing Wish #27: Battlefield-like voice chat
Category Savage Client Posted By Irwin1138 Last Updated Oct 22, 2009
Assigned to Not Assigned Status New
Description Adding an alternative voice chat access will help with difficult commands. Adds the ability to voicechat without losing control over your character in WSAD and without having to leave the mouse to type in the numbers.

All voice chat commands and categories are located on a special GUI overlay around the crosshair in circles or something. Accessing the circles could be made in several ways.

For example, it goes like that: press v -> move mouse to category -> phrases appear and cursor is centered at the crosshair again -> hover the cursor over wanted phrase -> release v.

I attached an approx pic of how I see the panel in action.
*  savage-voicechat.jpg

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Order of the Stick
Former XR Dev

on 2008-11-04 03:27:54

Good idea!
But gosh is drawing ugly!
XR Main Developer

on 2009-10-22 09:13:03

To me it doesnt seem such a big change so that it justifies dropping the automated frames system and doing it all manually, i mean, there are hundreds of messages to display at one time or another, not a fixed number of msgs/category, and plus, not enough space in your layout.
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