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Viewing Bug #50: "Restart Now" Crashes XR
Category Savage Client Posted By Java Last Updated Sep 10, 2008
Assigned to Django Status Fixed Priority Very High
Affected Products Not Specified
Description On the GUI I'm using (Enlivens), as well as the graphics tab, when I edit the resolution (or anything rather) and press the 'Apply Now'/'Restart Now' buttons, the game instantly crashes without any notification of why.

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Newerth Council

on 2008-08-08 11:39:24

Just dont use Enlivens GUI?
Newerth Referees (US)
Hero Member

on 2008-08-08 18:50:49

It crashes with or without Enliven's GUI...
I switch the resolution in the options menu and do the Restart Now, and it instantly crashes. It's been happening since before I installed any mods on XR.

on 2008-08-12 14:13:55

The severity for this bug has been changed from 4 - Low to 2 - Major by Django

on 2008-08-12 14:55:32

This bug has been reassigned from (nobody) to Django by Django
Modmaster General

on 2008-08-13 09:27:00

The game is supposed to close when selecting "Restart now".  If the game is not restarting automatically then yes that is a problem.  I know for a fact that this issue is occurring on Linux.  Are you on Windows or Linux?  Does it also crash when you select "Apply now"?

on 2008-08-14 00:15:35

This seems to be related to the using the autoupdater to spawn silverback.
Newerth Referees (US)
Hero Member

on 2008-08-17 18:09:21

I'm running Windows, and it doesn't happen when I select "Apply Now".
I have a feeling that the Restart Now button is just closing the program, but not responding to the reopening.

on 2008-09-10 02:13:39

The status for this bug has been changed from Open - Confirmed to Closed (Fixed).

on 2008-09-10 02:13:58

Fixed the issue was related to the au.
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