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Viewing Bug #49: Elect votes, maybe some other too.
Category Savage Client Posted By SDiabolical Last Updated Oct 24, 2008
Assigned to Not Assigned Status Fixed Priority Very High
Affected Products Not Specified
Description You cannot see any elect votes, it just shows "another team voting" or even nothing if the elect vote goes for your team. Have not noticed other vote bug.
And with this bug is hard to be a referee, in case which goes to setting up comms.

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Newerth Referees (US)
Hero Member

on 2008-08-02 21:51:41

Yeah, this is really getting annoying tbh. >.>
EvO's Mapper!
Super Hero Member

on 2008-08-05 01:41:59

i get this too

on 2008-08-05 15:00:33

I thought this was fixed! Are you using the latest version of XR?
Newerth Referees (US)
Hero Member

on 2008-08-05 22:03:27

Nope, it's still broken. Also, concede doesn't show up either. Very annoying. This (along with the info bug) are still very active. Need fixes.
Newerth Referees (US)
Hero Member

on 2008-08-06 06:39:48

It seems like it's fixed in the normal GUI. It's a problem with Enliven's GUI now. When I switch back to the normal GUI I see the old vote format now.
Order of the Stick
Former XR Dev

on 2008-08-08 15:43:26

Darkbread, DJ and I agreed that Enliven should take care of this.

on 2008-08-08 15:43:36

The status for this bug has been changed from Open - Confirmed to Closed (Future Release) by Mohican (Fr)

on 2008-10-24 18:00:09

Automated Messages:
The status for this bug has been changed from Future Release to Fixed.
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