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Viewing Bug #348: Presets keep dissappearing
Category Savage Client Posted By BEARD! Last Updated Oct 11, 2009
Assigned to Not Assigned Status Unconfirmed Priority High
Affected Products XR Windows
Description Presets for weapons and icons keep disappearing.

- Make sure you have a preset of some sort
- Start XR
- Join a server
- Move to specs (team 0)
- Spectate someone (with EX2 Spectating set to FULL in gfx panel)
- Watch them for a few minutes

--- I think that they have to go to the loadout screen and then spawn to trigger the bug

- Join team 1 or 2 ( or 3 or 4)
- Your presets are gone!

- Presets are not gone

- ./reconnect

Jes, I know, low priority.

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Hero Member

on 2009-10-11 16:04:47

Sometimes I get it so that it's as if I've never made preset, so menu is


In this case, adding any old preset brings them all back again. Huzzzah!

The other case is I get a 1 pixel tall line for my preset menu.

on 2009-10-11 21:57:59

Automated Messages:
The priority for this bug has been changed from Normal to High.
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Posted by Groentjuh
A patch will follow really soon. (Already available for Windows)

The master server is back online.

A certain server, which recently appeared, had an excessively long colorful server name. This caused the in-game serverlist to crash.

Congrats, nobody did that in over 15 years!
Posted by Groentjuh
We are aware of some issues in the in-game serverlist. We are working on a fix and patches should be available as soon as possible.

The master server is currently unavailable.
Posted by mutan
Posted by SavageBeard
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