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Currently we are looking for people with any spare time and backgrounds in game and website development. The following vacancies will be excellent experience for anyone looking to break into and gain experience in game development working in a friendly, collaborative, online community. operates on the principle of a meritocracy, where hard work is rewarded with more responsibility. Remember everything you see at has been contributed by people in their spare time for free. If you would like to give back to the community please check out the available positions below:

Who to contact:

If you think you can contribute in any way please contact Django via email or through the forum private messaging system.

Current available technical positions:

C/C++ Programmer / OS Variant Maintainer

We are looking for people with backgrounds in C and C++ programming to help extend the XR code base and maintain XR OS variants. Experience in writing portable code would be great but is not essential. Collaborative development is achieved via SVN but knowledge of how to use this versioning system is not essential. We are most interested in people with experience of OpenGL renderers and Linux / OSX / (Unix based) programming environments. Contributing to XR development is very flexible and complete freedom is given to developers over implementing new features as long as we deem them feasible.

3D Modeller

The 3D modellers contributing at work in 3dsmax, that doesn't mean you have to, but you will be responsible for the model importing and exporting process in your favorite 3d modeling application. You must have an eye for detail. You will have to make lods, so be ready for repetitive tasks. You should be able to at least, do one of the following: model, texture, unwrap, rig (no characters, simple stuff), animate. You will be working with existing savage textures mostly. If you want to contribute prepare some examples of your work even if it is untextured or unfinished. We are lookign for quality over quantity.

Website Developer

The staff have ambitious aims to create a custom Content Management System around SMF or Simple Machines Forum to support a multi-lingual community. We are looking for people that have experience in either programming PHP5 in an object oriented fashion or who are competent graphical designers and can spare a few hours a week. Contributing to the website is very flexible, if you have idea for a new section and the background knowledge to implement it, we'll give you the freedom to create it.

System Administrators

If you have a dedicated server, with plenty of spare bandwidth and would like to contribute to the running costs of, you could become an official mirror, distributing savage downloads around the world. We are always looking for people to help host savage servers and publicise the community. If your interested in setting up a server or already have one, place ^ in front of your server name and we will provide you with extra services such as the ability to add your server donations link to, map rotations, a http map repository, documented server configuration files and extra support by the XR developers if your savage server goes wrong.

Current available non-technical positions:

Wiki Administrator

We are looking for dedicated people to maintain and control the look and feel of the wiki. If you would like to help out you would be expected to spends a few hours a week contributing and moderating the wiki. You don't need any special skills to be a wiki administrator but if you have had experience moderating other wikis and know the markup language (for those that don't know it is like forum bb code) that would be great, and reduce the worked load of other staff members in teaching you the basics.

Forum Moderators

If you frequent the forums daily, are mature, and have made over 50 posts you're eligible to be a forum moderator.
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