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Posted by Ale
I prefer to teach and support noobies ingame aswell as protect them from firebuffed Haikas.
Posted by APirateHat
Btw, if you want to see more people playing Savage there is a lot to do. Check the promotion section and ask me what there is to do.
Posted by APirateHat
Doubt that was the reason. Most of them came because of that streamer and they didn't have their own server outside of that so they had to play with 300 ping.
Posted by Ale
I think we lost our Taiwanese friends again:( GJ farming them guys! I guess they will never forget those days.
Posted by Daemon
The hell is up with that, Angelique? It's a patch, neither a fortune cookie, nor a gift box with unknown contents... It'll be uploaded when it's done, and it is going to have the stuff THAT WE'VE ASKED PEOPLE ABOUT.
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