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Patch Notes
XR 1.3.2 Patch (20-4-2017)
April 20, 2017, 02:02:28 am by Hakugei

Patchnotes 1.3.2

  • Revamped Auto_Work (aka _auto_attack) feature again
    • Auto_attack and auto_work are now combined, always swinging
    • Mining/Building deals full damage, and can also be used on Grimms Walls
    • However, when aiming at a mine, neutral building, or allied building, the delay between hits is shorter than for combat (thus effectively making it faster for working purposes)
    • The detection leniency (for a valid work target) has been greatly improved to be more comfortable
    • The Options Menu has been adjusted accordingly and a new structure of key binds for attack and work has been made available - check them out!

  • Fixed cl_showIndexInUserlist - now actually shows the correct clientIndex (formerly showed a different, less useful, index)
  • Added /callvote movetospec <player>
    • A vote used to send someone to spectator, e.g. afks
    • Can only be voted on by the target's own team
    • The target can refuse the vote, e.g. if he is not actually afk
    • Governed, like all votes, by sv_allowMoveToSpecVotes
    • Use the "lockspec" vote if someone needs to be banished instead
  • /xrinfo command is now filled with a bounty of useful server settings
  • Fixed Chaplain new bonus potion states stacking in some cases
  • Improved usability and fixed some Continuous Attack problems
  • R and PGUP keys no long get reset each time the GUI is loaded

As always, we appreciate feedback and reports.
This is the second draft of the new Auto Work feature and it is also up for potential improvements, adjustments, and alternative changes.

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XR 1.3.1 Patch (17-4-2017)
April 17, 2017, 03:34:37 am by Hakugei

Patchnotes 1.3.1

  • Revamped Auto_Work (aka _auto_attack) feature
    • _auto_attack can no longer be used for combat and instead has received an overhaul to focus on speeding up mining and building without the need to spam-click
    • Auto_work will only trigger successfully if you're standing in front of a mine (to mine) or an allied building (to build/repair)
    • Auto_work deals no damage and cannot be used for combat
    • If you attempt to mix auto_work with regular attack to increase your combat speed, which people have been doing, you will run into issues like inconsistent animations and missed hits, thus negating any advantage you thought you would have as a result of it
      • If you are experiencing this issue, I suggest using clean binds via the options menu
    • The options menu has been adjusted accordingly
    • Auto_work, compared to pre-patch, is now faster than before as well (via shorter delays), making the tedious powermining considerably easier
    • Use Auto Work for mining and building; use regular attack for combat

  • Dead players can no longer pick up goodies
  • Added GS Command !random <object/null> <min> <max>
    • Randomed value stored in cvar gs_count
  • Added "Status in Userlist" in options menu (game category)
    • This colours players in the userlist according to their game- & server-related status
    • Referee = Red, Commander = Green, Acting Officer = Cyan, Officer = Blue, Normal = White
    • cvar cl_showSpecialStatusInUserlist
  • Added "Userlist XP Column" dropdown to options menu (game category)
    • GUID, UID, and Index do exactly what you think they do, inspired by Version (existing cl_showSEPVersionInUserlist)
    • cvars cl_showGUIDInUserlist, cl_showUIDInUserlist, cl_showIndexInUserlist
    • For anyone that cares, but mainly for devs, server admins, referees, testers, and debuggers
  • Removed obsolete old settings in the options menu

As always, we appreciate feedback and reports.
This is the first draft of the new Auto Work feature and it is up for potential improvements, adjustments, and alternative changes.

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XR 1.3 Followup Patches (3-4-2017 to 7-4-2017)
April 05, 2017, 02:20:57 am by Hakugei

Patchnotes 1.3 Followup
1.3 bugfixes, 1.3 adjustments, new wishes, and additional pre-1.3 bugfixes.

Bug Fixes:
  • Under specific circumstances, callvote could crash the server
  • player_healernearby not going away once alive or showing for enemy healers
  • /kill circumventing resource dropping
  • Perma-mist
    • Let me know if it fully works now, as there might be another hidden bug
  • Server Python
  • Auto-buffing was always off
    • It wasn't intended, though most people enjoyed playing without self buffs
  • Items fell (spawned, actually) through map props
  • Balloon (human_transport) not dropping new goodies
  • Altars being free
  • Chaplain potions multiplying regen
  • Caches not having a T3 skin
  • Jumping corpses (especially Behemoth) upon death
  • Outpost/Burrow not allowing some siege units to spawn
  • Exploit allowing players to circumvent shop spawning restrictions
  • Melee items, while melee is equipped in a shop, being falsely flagged as "Your inventory is full"
  • Players sometimes receiving extra gold when team gold is full
  • markEnemies and cloaking will correctly reset upon death and revival
    • I actually liked cloaked corpses, though
  • Fixed splash damage denial from potion states
  • Reduced potion states levels of energyArmor to 1.05, 1.1, 1.15
  • Server error message involving human_heal & beast_heal (did not impact gameplay)

  • Re-enabled shuffle for 2 team matches
  • Numerous Profanity Filter Upgrades
  • Unbuyable items (playercost -1) now replenish themselves for free (like weapon ammo does)
  • When team gold is full, comm tithe tax does not take effect and the player receives the full share
  • Conflux and Shaman Shield sound volumes and falloff
  • Behe and Summoner sprint animations
  • Commander Worker Order Queue hotkey moved from ALT to SHIFT, and Commander Mass Order hotkey moved from SHIFT to CTRL instead
  • /dropgold has received an upgrade
    • During WARMUP: Minimum 10, even while dead
    • During MATCH: Minimum 100, not while dead
    • Chat echo for success
  • /donate has received a chat echo for success
  • Conflux, Heavy Transport (Bus), Guardian (Tree), Transport (Balloon) have had their maxPopulation reduced from 3 to 1 for now
  • Conflux and Heavy Transport (Bus) have had their costs increased from 100 & 15k to 250 stone & 25k gold for now
  • Added lockspec & nocomm votes to lobby vote panel
  • Outpost (Magpost) and Enchanted Burrow (Heal Burrow) upgrade cost reduced to 500/1000
  • Conflux and Bus are now buildable from Garrisons/Subs and Magposts/Heal Burrows
  • Altars and Caches cost reduced to 50 energy
  • Separated Resource Dropping into sv_goodieDropPlayerResources (default off) and sv_goodieDropNonPlayerResources (default on)
    • Firstly, this means that workers and carts dropping their carried resources can now happen without the need for players to do the same
    • In fact, players no longer drop their carried resources, while workers still do
  • If sv_goodieDropPlayerResources is on, reloc-ing drops the resources
    • Since sv_goodieDropPlayerResources is turned off now, this only takes effect on special gamemodes and maps, not standard
  • More /xrinfo
    • I would like to add more, what would players/admins like to see there?
  • _auto_attack adjustment
  • Removed some performance wastage involving lagcompensation code
  • Crashday's Cel Shading (BETA)

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XR 1.3 Patch (2-4-2017)
April 01, 2017, 10:48:56 pm by Hakugei

Patchnotes 1.3

The Big Exciting Shiny Stuff:
  • Overhaul of the GOODIEBAG System (Massive Recode)
    • 4 additional slots for extraDrops per race (total of 5 each now) and some additional customization cvars
      • raceSet extraDrop0...4 to be used in chronological order
      • sv_goodieExtraAmount, sv_goodieExtraChance
    • Health gain, Mana gain, and Stamina gain from goodies are now all customizable (both raw and percentage)
      • objSet giveHealth, giveMana, giveStamina
    • Goodies can now grant states (aka buffs and debuffs)
      • objSet giveState, giveStateDuration
    • Added Resource Goodiebags
      • Players, NPCs, and Buildings carrying/storing resources now drop them upon death instead of transfering to the team automatically
        • sv_goodieDropResources (default 1, turn off with 0)
      • Destroyed buildings drop a percentage of their cost
        • sv_goodieResourcePercent  (default 0.25, turn off with 0, above 1.0 for more than the cost)
    • Added the ability for players to drop gold goodiebags for their allies
      • Hotkey and command
    • GS !spawngoodie adjusted accordingly
    • Added skinFlavors to goodies, allowing graphical variety-based shenanigans
  • Overhaul of the SHOP System
    • Simplified the objSets
      • objSet isShopId
    • The ability to limit and assign items to certain shops and loadout
      • objSet shopIdOnly
        • 0, loadout-only; >0, specific shop-only; -1, all shops-only; -2, loadout and shops
  • Overhaul of the SPAWN and ENTER System
    • The potential for Mobile Spawnpoints
      • Units and Items
    • The potential for Mobile Enterpoints
      • Units and Items
    • The potential for personal Spawnpoints
      • objSet spawnFrom 2
  • Fixed the MAP EDITOR's refset team bug
    • Upon loading a map, it would always turn all "refset team"s into "refset team 1" and effectively force you to place them all again - no more!
    • Since this is purely a Map Editor fix, all existing maps are completely unaffected and are in no danger of breaking nor having to be remade
  • Overhaul of the CART and DROPOFF System
    • Added the potential for resources to be stored instead of transfered to the team
      • e.g. Outposts will keep the resources stored, as they're not connected to the global garrison system (much like how spawning works)
    • Said buildings will transfer their resources when demolished (NOT destroyed)
      • Giving you a cheaper alternative to powermine a distant mine for quick stone
    • Upgraded resource storing buildings will either keep the resources stored, or transfer them to the team if they lose the ability to store
    • See Goodiebag Overhaul for ResourceBags
  • Overhaul of the TOWER System
    • The potential for items to have weapons and attack, just like towers
      • objSet weapon, refreshTime, scanRange, viewHeight (just like for towers)
      • PS: Sensors with Scattergun are terrifying
    • The potential for towers to target allied units
      • e.g. towers/items that shoot healing bolts
  • New TAUNT System
    • Are you full of yourself? Do you want to make your opponent mad or cry? Do you want to add insult to injury? Taunt them before or after you kill them!
      • Hotkey and command to start the taunting animation
  • Improvements to the COMMANDER System
    • Queue worker orders (Location & Object)
      • Up to 5 can be queued
      • Uses SHIFT (mass-order was moved to CTRL instead)
    • Commander double-click selecting
      • NPCs of the same type are grouped
      • Players are distinguished between siege and normal
    • Players can now give gold to the commander via a "Donate" button, hotkey, and command
      • For when you desperately need some gold for a building, but have no time for a player to find some neutrals to kill
    • Fixed the selection panel cutting off object and player names after the first word
      • e.g. "Shield Tower" would display "Shield"; "Cool Pwner Dude" would display as "Cool"
    • Fixed a gold request exploit circumventing server and commander request settings
      • Can you believe low-lifes were using it to troll their poor commander? Shocking!
    • Disabled playerrequests when not in loadout or shop, for easier and better commander overview and management
    • Draw votes now have an alternative passing condition: 50% yes + all comms agree
      • Without all commanders agreeing, the pass rate is still 60%
      • This is to give commanders special voting power when it comes to long worn-out matches
    • Disabled elect working on a spawned commander, circumventing the need to reloc or go back to base

Bug Fixes:
  • Attack flurry times were set to infinite by a coding error from pre-2.00e
    • atkSet flurryTime
  • Any states higher than ID 7 would only show up for yourself, but not for other players
  • ask lastTargetName
  • Concede (or any team-related) vote would pass on to another team in 3&4team maatches, when the voting team was eliminated during
    • Team eliminiation now stops any active team-related votes
  • /re wasn't appearing in logs, much like /msg didn't use to
  • Inventory wasn't switching correctly after relocing under certain circumstances
  • Newly connected players' bonus exp was being lowered by inactive spectators
  • Ongoing votes would sometimes disappear when switching between menus
  • Icon-/clanless players would receive a random icon at certain places (e.g. scoreboard and stats info)
  • \game\filters.cfg wasn't being loaded correctly
    • Customizable profanity filter
  • Demorecord menu was crashing from having too many demorecords
  • Shuffle votes no longer crash 3&4 team maps (because it's disabled until recode)
  • The infamous lego-standing-on-demo bug (always existed, even 2.00e)
    • Since the consequencs aren't obvious, I've added an emergency cvar to use the old code: sv_instaSolidItem (1 = new code, 0 = old code)
  • Custom Models were overwriting unit skinFlavors
  • Failed revives forcing healer into the revive animation without actually reviving; reviving should be more reliable in general now
  • Dynamic props would revert back to their original position after teleporting
  • The elusive 4-hit demo bug, which was caused by officer regen
  • Officer area state wasn't being applied to allies anymore (broke 6.5~ years ago)
  • energyArmor was missing from Shield Towers in Overtime/Decaymode
  • Depending on view angle and terrain, you could increase the distance from mine creation to mines on the floor enough to circumvent sv_landminedistance - increased from 36 to 50 by default now
  • execdelay was being ignored due to an unclean exception
  • !if test case error upon success

  • Carried Stone and Gold to HUD
    • cvar player_carriedStone, player_carriedGold
  • The potential for WeaponDamage to the ExpTable system (much like melee damage, but for weapons)
    • expSet weapondamage
  • In-Game Serverlist Public Shouts box is now optional (aka, you can turn off auto-connect)
  • Certain Weapon-based properties to states (the base system was already in place, but never fully implemented) and renamed them to "weapon"+property to keep with the general naming consensus
    • stateSet weapondamageAdd, weapondamageMult, weaponcountAdd, weaponcountMult, weaponaccuracyAdd, weapongravityAdd, weapongravityMult
  • Certain unused human sound clips to voice chat
  • Players can now give gold to the commander via a "Donate" button, hotkey, and command
    • Much like how commanders can give you gold, you can give them gold, too
  • GS !playeffect <object> <effectName> <nearby|coords> (<x> <y> <z>) [param1] [param2]
    • Activates spawneffect on clients
  • GS !killeffect <object> <effectIndex>
    • Activates killeffect on clients
  • isVehicle movement (aka driving along the terrain) for non-players (aka npcs and workers)
  • The ability for players and workers to be able to repair Units and Items, if specified
    • objSet canBeRepaired, canRepairBuildings, canRepairUnits, canRepairItems
  • When someone's IP matches another, a warning is broadcast and logged
    • The broadcasting (not logging) can be turned off with sv_alertSameIdentity
  • Sprite auras, aka selection indicators from commander and buffing, to states
    • stateSet useIndicator 0.0 to 10.0 (turns on indicator if above 0.0 and also used as a scaleMultiplier)
    • stateSet indicatorRed, indicatorGreen, indicatorBlue 0.0 to 1.0
    • stateSet singleShader ""
  • GS !weaponfire <object> <weaponName>
    • Shoot specified <weaponName> from script's self at <object> (weapon does not need to be equipped)
  • Admin command & /ref lockspec + unlockspec
    • This locks or unlocks specified player to spectator
    • A less harsh alternative to dealing with troublemakers
  • Admin command & /ref nocomm + yescomm
    • This grants or removes commanding permission for specified player
    • A less harsh alternative to dealing with troublemakers, e.g. known comm bailers
  • /ref destroy now works on team0 objects, e.g. Grimms Walls
  • Total/Real Team Scores in scoreboard, beside Current Team Scores
  • Map filter in vote panel
    • Avoid tedious scrolling by typing in a prefix or name
  • clanAbbrev info to Python
    • INFO_CLANABBREV to sv_defs (server.GetClientInfo)
    • clientList_ClanAbbrev to cl_defs and cl_events
  • Client cvar cl_filter_private - ignores all private messages sent to you
  • "A healer is nearby" message to respawning
    • player_healernearby - stores the message
    • cl_healernearbydistance - customizable distance cvar
  • shop and helper icons to minimap
    • friend_shop_image, enemy_shop_image, friend_helper_image, enemy_helper_image
  • objSet techType to shop restrictions
  • !spawnobject can now spawn placed items (not just pickup items)
  • Added state control objSets
    • rejectState "state0" (name of state, default "")
    • allowEnemyStates 0/1 (default 1)
    • allowAllyStates 0/1 (default 1)
  • player_insidebuilding, which holds the name of the shop or command_center you're currently inside
  • objSet useSurfs for items
    • force item to use _surfs instead of aabb for tracing, if possible
  • Two Destroyable and rebuildable spawnpoint
    • First, after destruction, has to be rebuilt before it can be used again; claim normally upon hit
    • Second, after destruction, has to be rebuilt and switches team; cannot be claimed upon hit
  • Ejecting spawns goodiebags if an enemy damaged the unit
  • objSet allowSiege for spawnFrom and canEnter
  • LockSpec (sv_allowLockSpec) and NoComm (sv_allowNoComm) to votes
  • Client markEnemies to minimap (aka Sixth Sense)
  • !count <object> <radius> <targetFlag1> [targetFlag2] ...
    • Uses the scan algo to count objects within range matching the flags, outputs into gs_count
    • A considerably less intense alternative to abusing !search for counting as well breaking the 4th limit
  • !setscanalgo <object> <algo>
    • Used to determine, per @entry, which algo to use for scan-esque gs commands (!search, !scan, !count)
    • 0 = default; 1 = subtract bounding sphere (like radius states do it)
  • player_currentRole - Spectator, Fieldplayer, Officer, Acting Officer, Commander
  • "unit" flag to gs test cases (!if, !test, !testnot)

  • Cloaking Anti-Cheats
    • Server-side
  • Server-side Sensors
    • Less hardcode, more server control
  • Cleaned up redundant performance wastage in revealing code
  • Cleaned up performance wastage in states-related rendering code
  • Softcoded upkeep, also allows future customization
    • objSet upkeep
  • Softcoded "human_ammo_pack" and "human_potion" instead of having hardcoded exceptions for them
  • Cleaned up redudant performance wastage in the level system
  • Added April Fool's Day to the automatic date-based archive loader
    • aprilfools0.s2z
  • Added element type to "GUI Error: Could not get" for better bug hunting
  • Recoded performance wastage related to how linked items were handled
  • The CanEnter trace code is now quicker and more reliable
  • How certain tracing code handles buildings, improving its reliability and allowing formerly impossible additions to be made
  • 1 vote per UID (1 vote per IP was already in)
  • The ability for buildings to transform into something else upon death
    • objSet onDeathTransform "", onDeathBuiltPercent
  • Spectators now get the same XP bonus benefits as newly connected players
  • Shop GUI loading to work better and more intuitive when standard is combined with mods
  • Connect and Disconnect refresh the vote panel properly now
  • objSet giveAmmo for goodies is now a multiplier as well
  • Cleaned up the Revive code a bit
  • 1.2 demorecords are watchable on 1.3 clients
  • Radiusstates can now correctly be used with the +item flag
  • <height> to !spawngoodie <coords>
  • Same IP players can no longer join the enemy team
  • objSet isSolid can now be "2" as well (formerly 0-1)
    • changes its tracing behavior/properties towards players
  • Cleaned up performance wastage in commander code
  • shopDeathMode now works for items and units, too
  • Draw votes now have an alternative passing condition: 50% yes + all comms agree
  • Properly excludes ineligible voters from the total count
  • Cleaned up voting code, including some precheck shenangians and vote result messages
  • Shops now work together with presets, and techType shops are excluded from presets entirely
  • Fixed the loadout spawn minimap overlapping with preset add panel
  • Cleaned up GS code a bit
  • Python security
  • Code Security
  • Other Security

  • cvar player_MarkEnemies
  • objSet isShop
  • objSet ShopId
  • objSet ItemType
  • ask X

Potential features for after 1.3:
  • Unrevived player corpses rise as zombies (basic prototype works)
  • Recode shuffle entirely
  • Recode how commander<->server building placements works (it's horrendous)
  • /report for players to send a report to all refs, who can also check the reports manually
  • ELO/Rating
  • Auth Improvements
  • Database Improvements
  • Balance/Skill indicators (graphical-only)
  • Comm Toggle spawnpoints (including minimap and netcode)
  • Team Armor Colors

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February 20, 2017, 06:22:47 pm by Daemon

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Upcoming XR 1.1x patch
January 10, 2015, 09:55:15 pm by Daemon


We've been working on multiple things for the past months, and they'll be hitting the genpop soon in the form of a new patch. Quite a few people collaborating on this one: Clemens, valli, Groentjuh, DJ, Gridfon and yours trully. Some of the more important changes:

1. Massively updated auth server (cuz of haxor!)
2. New masterserver free from the S2Games' one
3. Improved account database security
4. Account authentication through servers
5. Custom graphic mods + Options GUI
6. Ping faking cvars fixed & removed
7. More hax detection and prevention tools
8. Burrow/Outpost tweaks + undisclosed new content :)

Leaving all the new auth stuff out, here's some things that can be quickly explained:

Damage value on accuracy panel getting inflated from teamdamage.
Random keypress out-of-nowhere.
moneySpent when a unit was refunded.
DROPOFF_RESOURCES waypoint not completing if you enter a dropoff point without touching it (stood too far away or died).
Queue not updating for commander/clients when it's canceled due to sudden lacking resources.
AI code straining and limiting across the code; how AI target orders are handled when received.
Follow and cancellation orders not working as intended. Objects now no longer accept orders to follow themselves (I kid you not - Clemens).
Sensors not detecting gates sometimes (among other things - pretty much any non-client newer objects)

Commander building waypoints now only reset when a new commander takes over.
Re-entering loadout cancels previously enabled auto-spawn.
GS Cvars gs_team_resource now works for all teams and all resources.
Object setting isWorker range increased to 2 from only 1. Worker counts are exclusive for isWorker==1
!spawnObject now checks a team's object's maxPopulation before spawning. Team0 and anything with no maxPopulation is unaffected.
Non-Siege NPCs no longer receive "attack enemy building" orders, which was not needed and caused lag.
If sadist award is tied, the award goes to the one with less deaths.

cmdrSelectionScaleAdjust  to object settings (adjusts the selection circle's scale).
The familiar "wavey line effect" from shields/spires to units and equipped items as well.
@hit script entry to non-clients (and technically non-buildings, too); melee only.
graphicmode - cvar for user-friendly way to load graphic archives/mods officially added to XR.
cl_blackignore - people show up colored black in userlist if they're on your ignorelist. (Works like cl_yellowme and cl_bluebuddy.)
Level 9 "helmets" for Shaman (previously present in Xmas pack) and Chaplain:

Multiple people reported presets not working for healers. I tried to fix it but i failed - i just can't figure out what's wrong. So if any of you peeps wanna help, try and do it yourselves and send me the fix! Thanks!

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XR 1.0 Patch (20-09-2013)
September 20, 2013, 01:55:44 am by Daemon

Big and complicated patch!

Added smart Bots. They are now able to emulate real players!
Improved Tutorial section: Added Bot Duels & Skirmish Maps.
Fixed a number of trees that blocked weapon projectiles.
Added new anti-cheating measures and new detection tools.
Rebalanced Evolution units according to players' feedback.
Added a tutorial invitation for 1st time players clicking Play.
Changed default auth IP for servers (DJ's new Newerth server).
New bins across the spectrum! (OSX gonna be a couple hours late)

...and a bunch of fixes.

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XR 1.0 Patch (06-01-2013)
January 07, 2013, 02:58:04 am by Hakugei

New AU/bins are up.
I don't know when US Leet will update, but it will probably be soon as I believe AU is enabled.
Groentjuh and I agreed on a compromise that he gets to test the server bins for 2 days before having to enable AU on G&G - so expect G&G back on XR1.0 in 2 days.

What has changed since the last big update, you ask?

Bug fixes:
  • /ref switchteam being too strict (this includes some improvements to how team joining works).
  • MACOSX being kicked for a wrong hash (sometimes).
  • Shadows not scaling correctly (at all) with object scale.
  • Server rules bugged.
  • Players using "BALL" as name showing up as Sweet's footy mod's ball icon on minimap.
  • Items switching slower (getting stuck) when switching via slot keys than via mousewheel.
  • Mod prefixes with the same substrings overwriting one another.
  • /ref python not accepting/using more than 1 arg.
  • Buddies showing even on the enemy team.

XR Additions:
  • Cvar 'sound_voipEnabled' to disable (with 0) VOIP. Reducing volume to 0 doesn't disable it; this cvar does. (Mainly a workaround so MACOSX can turn it off to prevent crashing.)

  • Greatly reduced the load that AI units (e.g. workers and monkits) have on server performance.
    (Stress tests showed that having 50 active AI around used up 100% of a weak server's CPU. Now it only takes up 4%. Obviously the real servers use less active AI and are stronger than our private testing server. :mrgreen:)
  • !search now uses an inbuilt own sorting algorithm instead of the slow one, thus using up less performance.
  • !spawnobject now adjusts the spawned object's rotation to the object that is spawning it.
  • Some minor clean ups here and there. Messy code makes kittens cry.

Modding additions (do not affect normal Savage):
  • "Unblockable" via states (already existed via objects). Allows attacks to be, you guessed it, unblockable.
  • Item/object merging. Two items, in your inventory, can combine to one stronger item. (For more info, PM me.)
  • Slots can now have levels; this includes level ups and GUI feedback. (For more info, PM me.)
  • Added cvars player_meleeDamage, player_rangedDamage, player_speed.
  • 'thornDamage' works for states now. (Works exactly like 'thornDamage' inside objects.)

Hope I didn't forget anything. :-P
If this new update causes any bugs, just report them as usual. I'll be around to check on the servers the next days.

(If a Newerth Admin wishes to compile a main page post or a dev blog post, feel free to.)

Enjoy your update.

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XR RC3 & SFE2 Patch (06-11-2011)
November 06, 2011, 08:49:52 am by Mohican

This is the very final RC3 update, the next update will be XR1.0!   :evil:

(1) Added "Automatic Map Updating" in SFE2 (client will download newer versions of maps from the map server).
(2) Added support for new "config" files and assets in XR1.0 maps (see xr_mini).

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XR RC3 Patch (10-10-2011)
October 10, 2011, 09:19:59 am by Mohican

This is probably the very last RC3 patch before XR 1.0 release!

- Added trigger support for "projectiles".
- Improved the console commands "givemoney" and "giveresource".

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XR RC3 & SFE2 Patch (30-08-2011)
August 29, 2011, 07:43:45 pm by Mohican

* Fixed the annoying "Aborting JPEG load" error windows when minimap files are corrupted.
* Now showing red navigation lines for bridges in editor (after: navrep_render 0; navrep_process).

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XR RC3 & SFE2 Patch (24-08-2011)
August 24, 2011, 10:01:52 am by Mohican

Fixed "settovalue", so people can't use it to change cheat-protected cvars.
Please keep reporting such issues to us in the future!

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XR RC3 & SFE2 Patch (11-08-2011)
August 11, 2011, 08:51:56 am by Mohican

 * Moved logs to sub-folder /logs.
 * Servers logs now create daily log files (ie: logs/2011-08-11.log).
 * Some changes to improve network performance:
     - Pumped-up network frames buffer (from 64 to 512).
     - Now sending 1 reliable disconnect packet (instead of 3 unreliable packets!).
     - Replaced all "invalid sv frame" messages with meaningful explanations.

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XR RC3 PATCH (06-08-2011)
August 06, 2011, 03:11:18 pm by Daemon


I've replaced the mist shield effect with a new one. The old one was white, which made it invisible on most light-colored terrain and especially snow (not to mention when looking up, with the misted beast in front of the sky). This one will only be kept for a while, if feedback is not good.

Mist is supposed to create some kind of prism effect which allows light to go right through. So the new way it looks is it's actually colored, decomposed in basic rainbow colors. While being stationary it may look a little more visible, a misted unit becomes just as hard to spot while moving. The difference is that it is contrasts better with different kinds of terrain, the cycling colors making it so that you will see a contrasting color at one point or another.

Please let me know what you think.

Thank you.

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XR RC3 PATCH (04-08-2011)
August 03, 2011, 11:32:37 am by Mohican

Added a new cvar called "cl_port".

You can use this cvar to force your savage client to use the specified port (restart savage after changing the value!).
If the value is 0, savage will choose a free port automatically.

This option can be useful if your ISP throttles bandwidth on certain ports.

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XR RC3 PATCH (07-06-2011)
June 07, 2011, 02:43:27 pm by Mohican

This is a mini-patch, that fixes some issues with server demos.
Replay servers will now play demos continuously, instead of reverting to game hosting.

Additionally, crosshairs will now flash when the ranged weapon hits a target (instead of when the weapon is fired).
The behaviour for melee weapons remains the same as before (crosshairs red during the attack window).

I can also reveal that XR 1.0 is getting very close to completion!

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XR RC3 PATCH (05-04-2011)
April 05, 2011, 08:33:23 am by Mohican

For the past few weeks, VaultDweller has been tweaking and streamlining the silverback rendering engine to make it more performant. In tests on various hardware, significant FPS boosts have been recorded in LOW setting mode (on my low powered laptop, for instance, a boot from 60 to 73 FPS).

VaultDweller's modifications have been released today as an RC3 patch.
He is now focusing on improving GLSL shaders rendering for HIGH setting mode.

We hope you will enjoy the nitro injection!

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XR RC3 & SFE2 Patch (10-03-2011)
March 10, 2011, 06:43:11 am by Mohican

Several people have reported glitches with beast leaps over the past few days.
Recent patches have focussed on streamlining the physics code, which was very horrible and hacky.

Anyhow, after going through the code again, line-by-line, I found one discrepancy with the previous logics. The discrepancy has now been fixed in this patch.

I would appreciate feedback from the people who reported the glitch, to confirm the bug is now fixed.

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XR RC3 PATCH (08-03-2011)
March 08, 2011, 12:17:17 pm by Mohican

(1) Fixed XR server crashing when SFE clients try to join an xr_ map.
(2) Fixed bug with LODs (by VaultDweller)

The next Patch will focus on Client Demos.
(compatibility with SFE demos, and better video encoding support).

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XR RC3 PATCH (23-02-2011)
March 08, 2011, 12:16:35 pm by Mohican

(1) Fixed slow-down when walking around buildings.

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